School of Law      Hong Kong Centre for Maritime and Transportation Law


The HKCML seeks first to enhance and promote research in commercial law and maritime law, and second, to provide educational opportunities to scholars, lawyers and business professionals. Through workshops, seminars and conference, the HKCML highlights the current issues confronting businesses that seek to function in a globalized world economy where the laws and regulatory eco-systems are in flux. The HKCML supports scholars who seek a forum to test their ideas and invites collaborative research on the law and commerce generally. We also warmly welcome thoughtful lawyers and scholars who wish to speak on interesting or exciting issues pertaining to law and commerce.  
Amongst the subject areas of interest to the HKCML are:

  • International trade in goods and services
  • International banking and finance
  • Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law and Policy
  • Corporate and securities regulation
  • Maritime Law
  • Comparative regulatory eco-systems and regulatory competition