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  • Prof. Sung H. PARK

    Total Quality Management in Higher Education: A Case Study and Strategic Guidelines

    The presentation deals with quality management activities in universities. First of all, the quality in university and four dimensions of quality outcome are defined and explained. The four dimensions are usefulness, responsiveness, availability and reliability. Next, the evaluation criteria of quality management in higher education are explained in the viewpoints of Malcolm Baldridge Education Criteria as well as National Quality Management Award Criteria in Korea. Both criteria have 7 criteria, respectively. Also how much TQM has been implemented in higher education in Korea is shown with corresponding benefits of TQM. Next, a case study of Sogang University in Korea is presented with detailed implementation and results. Finally,8 strategic guidelines for TQM promotion in higher education from Korean experiences are suggested.

    Prof. Sung H. PARK
    President, Korean Academy of Science and Technology
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  • Prof. Shouyang WANG

    TEI@I Methodology for Studying Complex Systems

    A methodology is introduced for studying complex systems in the talk. The methodology has been widely applied in economic forecasting, regional planning, financial risk management, industrial analysis and logistics studies. Some applications in economic analysis and forecasting are presented.

    Prof. Shouyang WANG
    Chair Professor of Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science of Chinese Academy of Sciences
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  • Prof. Alain BENSOUSSAN

    An Overview of Risk Management

    Discussing the Fukushima case, we shall review some of the key principles of Risk Management. We shall show that these key principles were not at all implemented by the company TEPCO, nor by the regulatory authorities. We will try to understand the reasons of this failure and emphasize the importance of education and training in this context.

    Prof. Alain BENSOUSSAN
    Chair Professor of Risk and Decision Analysis, Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, City University of Hong Kong
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