Curriculum (PhD and MPhil)

1) Coursework Plan

a) Research degree students are required to fulfill the following minimum coursework requirements (at postgraduate level) within their study period:

  • MPhil students: 7 credit units (including at least 2 credit units of research methodology and ethics course at postgraduate level)
  • PhD students: at least 14 credit units (including at least 9 credit units of core courses and at least 2 credit units of research methodology and ethics course at postgraduate level)


  • A compulsory 1 credit unit course “Teaching Students: First Steps” (SG8001). The credit unit earned from SG8001 will not be counted towards the minimum coursework requirement. Individual students with insufficient English proficiency may be required to take a 1 credit unit course English as Medium for Instruction (SG8002) before they are allowed to enroll into SG8001.


2) Credit Transfer and Coursework Exemptions

Students who possess postgraduate qualifications of relevance to their research studies may apply for credit transfer or coursework exemption. At least half the coursework (4 credit units for MPhil and 7 for PhD) should be taken at CityU or other local institutions recognized under the Cross-institutional Course Enrolment Scheme.

Credit transfer/coursework exemption should be limited to a maximum of 3 credit units for MPhil and 7 for PhD. Recommendations on credit transfer/coursework exemption require the approval of the Department Head/School Dean.

3) Cross-departmental Course Registration

Students who wish to take courses offered by Departments/Schools outside their host Department/School should obtain approval from the offering Department/School before submitting the Form SGS16A/SGS16B to their host Department/School for endorsement and approval.

A list of approved courses and the syllabuses are available for reference on the Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies (SGS) website.

Last modified on 26 October, 2018