Engineering Doctorate (Engineering Management)

工程學博士 (工程管理)

Programme code: ENGDEM
Mode of Funding: Non-government-funded
(self-financed without studentship)

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Programme Aims

The Engineering Doctorate (EngD) is a professional doctorate degree. This programme aims to develop students' creative thinking through tackling important strategic industrial projects and meeting the specific needs of industry. Students will pursue the study of engineering management and industrial research of a high order while carrying on with their professional duties. The originality and value of the students' research will be assessed within their specific professional and industrial contexts. As professional activity is usually multi-disciplinary and business- and management-driven, the programme will include a wide variety of coursework on Engineering Management. The programme provides an integrated curriculum of theory, practice and research to develop professionals' creative thinking and capabilities in the application of knowledge to solve important strategic problems in industry.

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Course Description

The programme comprises a taught component and a research component.

Taught Component:
The taught component comprises 9 credit units of core courses and 12 credit units of elective courses. The taught courses available to EngD students comprehensively cover a mixture of technology, innovation management and experience to provide industry with competent and knowledgeable managers in the fields of technology and innovation.

Core Courses:
Industry is in great need of people who can implement new technologies and knowledge in business. The core courses are designed to equip students to meet the immediate needs of industry for innovative application and implementation of state-of-the-art knowledge and technology.

  • EngD Seminar
  • Integrative Engineering Management
  • Research Methods in Engineering Management

There will be a series of electives in engineering management.

Research Component:
The research component comprises a 36 credit units thesis with a normal duration of 3 years.

Tuition Fee
The tuition fee is chargeable on a per credit unit basis. For the students admitted in 2020 cohort is HK$8,200 per credit unit until the end of your study in this programme. There are other fees/charges for studying in the programme. Please check the website of SGS for details of programme-related fees.

Academic Enquiries:
Dr. CHAN, H.S., Alan
Tel: 3442 8439

General Enquiries:
Ms. LEE, Agnes
Tel: 3442 9535

EngD Student Handbook

Thesis Topics of our EngD Graduates

Author Thesis Title Dissertation Research output
Dr BABU Sajeesh Kumar Improving the Productivity And Reliability Of Non-Destructive Testing On Welds For Hong Kong Construction Industry
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Dr CHAI Ngai Chiu Sunny The Development of Modular Product Design System and Product Development Roadmap
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Dr CHAN Charn Hang Cliff Knowledge Sharing and Opportunism in New Product Development – The Impacts of Contract, Commitment and Trust
知識共享與機會主義在新產品開發中 ‐ 合約,承諾及信任的影響
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Dr CHAN Chi On The Development and Application of Six Sigma Implementation Model for HK/China Manufacturing Companies
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Dr CHAN Ching Tung Tony Strategic Sourcing in the Hong Kong Toy Industry
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Dr CHAN Mo Lim Paul Tactical Implementation Model for the Smart Card Payment System for Metro Operator
View N.A.
Dr CHAN Tung Wah Keynes A Study of Impact Assessment of Utility Facility Enquiry for Road Excavation Work
View N.A.
Dr CHAN Wai Chung Edmund An Investigation on Broadband Internet Service and Its Bill Payment Sentiment
View N.A.
Dr CHAN Wai To Study of Influential Factors on Knowledge Sharing and its Effect on Performance in Air Traffic Control System Maintenance
View N.A.
Dr CHEONG Veng Va Matthew Pricing of a Cosmetic Product from the Consumer Feeling Perspective
View N.A.
Dr CHIANG Lun Cheung Process Improvement of the Leachate Treatment Plant at West New Territories (WENT) Landfill
View N.A.
Dr CHO Yik Kit Geoffrey Pilot Study on Measuring Narrative Skills Using Multidimensional Recording Framework and Quantifiable Analysis Method
View N.A.
Dr CHOW Pok Yu Augustine Effectiveness of Rapid Commercialization for Acquired Radical Innovation
View N.A.
Dr CHUI Chi Lung Calvin Development and Application of a New Product Screening Model for the Electronic Component Distribution Industry in China
View N.A.
Dr CHUNG Wai Keung David An Interoperable Digital Rights Management (DRM) Platform Based on ISO MPEG-21 Framework for the Hong Kong Creative Industries
View N.A.
Dr FOK Wing Huen A Critical Review on the Effectiveness of HKIE Training Scheme ‘A’ for Civil Engineering Graduates
香港工程師學會見習土木工程師 'A' 訓練計劃的成效分析
View N.A.
Dr FUNG Kui Shun Samuel The Investigation on Automating the Performance Assessment of Engineering Asset Management for Buildings and Plants in Their Maintenance Information Management Systems
View N.A.
Dr FUNG Sui Leung Walter An Exploration of Knowledge-Centric Information Security by Community of Practice
View N.A.
Dr HA Wai Leung Improving Embedded Software Development Performance through Modular Reuse
View N.A.
Dr HO Alvin Felix A Strategic Assessment Model of Brand Extensions of Consumer Electronics Brands: An Integrated Quantitative and Qualitative Study
消費電子品牌產品伸延的策略評估模型 : 定量及定性分析的綜合研究
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Dr HO Ka Nam Peter A New Product Concept Formulation for The Hong Kong/Pearl River Delta Consumable Electronics and Electrical Products Industry
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Dr HO Siu Cheung Dee Enhancing the Commercialization Success of Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) R&D Projects in Hong Kong’s Logistics and Supply Chain Industry
提升創新及科技基金研發項目在香港物流及供應鏈行 業的商品化成效
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Dr KONG Wai Man Ray A Multi-Stage Stochastic Linear Programming Model for Apparel Production Planning
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Dr KUN Chok Yee Gaby Developing and Implementing an Energy Conservation Model for the Facilities Management Industry in Hong Kong
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Dr KWAN Shiu Keung Ronald Applying Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) to Build A Model to Evaluate WiMax Performance
運用概述層次分析法AHP以建立 WiMax網絡表現評估模型
View N.A.
Dr LAI Gor Amie An EHS Implementation Model for Non-Manufacturing Operations in China
View N.A.
Dr LAI Kim Hung Lotto The Development of Quality Management System Based Information Security Management (QISM) Implementation Model
View N.A.
Dr LAI Po Ming Cyril Determinants of Mobile Payments Adoption in Retail Organizations: A Multi-Perspective Study and Assessment Framework
影響零售企業採納移動支付平台的因素 - 多角度研究與採納模式評估
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Dr LAI Yuk Chee Daniel Knowledge Development Capacity and Product Development Capability as Antecedents of Supplier Integration in New Product Development
View N.A.
Dr LAM Chi Ming Rocky Development of a balanced scorecard based life cycle model for ERP Implementation in Hong Kong Manufacturing Companies
View N.A.
Dr LAM See Pong Patrick Charting the Strategic Architecture of a High-Tech Firm in Hong Kong
View N.A.
Dr LAU Kit Daniel Technology Integration of a Photonics System in China
中國光電子系統: 科技集成應用
View N.A.
Dr LEE Hok Ling Ringo A Systematic Model for Improving Software Quality in the Financial Service Organization
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Dr LEE Yiu Man A Sociotechnical System Approach for Enhancing the Dynamic Capabilities of an Organisation: a Participatory Action Research in the Manufacturing Industry in Mainland China
以社會技術系統提高組織動態能力 : 在中國製造業界的參與性行動研究
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Dr LEUNG Hing Pong Joseph Adoption of Enterprise Integration Modeling in the Design and Implementation of Knowledge Management System for the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation
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Dr LEUNG Siu Hong Raymond A Comprehensive and Practical Innovation Management Assessment Model for Manufacturing Companies in Hong Kong/China
View N.A.
Dr LEUNG Wing Hung Emissions Trading in the Energy Sector between Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta Region: a systems approach to trade decisions in Hong Kong’s electricity industry
香港與珠江三角洲 能源行業的排污交易:香港電力工業交易決定的系統分析
View N.A.
Dr LEUNG Yat Wah Derek Smart Network Designs and Applications
View N.A.
Dr LI Guodong David A Lean Micro-factory for Micro-Motor Manufacturing
View N.A.
Dr LIU Tak Wing An Audit Model for Intellectual Property Management Excellence
View N.A.
Dr LO Kwong Chi Alex Development of User-Satisfaction-Based Knowledge Management Performance Measurement System
建立以使用者滿意為本的知識管理 績效評核系統
View N.A.
Dr LO Wai Leung Colin Statistical Analysis of Conflict Management Styles of Health Service Executives in Greater China
View N.A.
Dr LO Yuk Kuen Gyver Technology Commercialization via Establishing New Business: An Entrepreneurship-Oriented Assessing Model and Action Case Studies
通過建立新業務來實現技術商品化 : 以創業為導向的評估模型和實例研究
View N.A.
Dr LOW Kam Leung Banus Construction Workers Risk-Taking Behaviour Model (CWRM) in Hong Kong
View N.A.
Dr LOW Tsz Kin Dave An Investigation of Using Navigation Aids for Web Searching and their Disorientation
View N.A.
Dr MAK Mount Tsun Dominic Conventional Injection Moulding and Gasassisted Injection Moulding of Rice Husk-filled High Density Polyethylene and Polypropylene Eco-composites
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Dr NG Pin Applying Formal Concept Analysis in Requirements Validation with UML State Machine Model
應用形式概念分析於以 UML 狀態機圖為基礎的需求驗證
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Dr NG Yu Ki Jacky The work ability of construction workers in relation to individual and work-related factors: Strategies for sustaining the construction workforce in Hong Kong
關於香港建造業工人的工作能力與其個人和 工作相關因素關係的研究 — 保持建造業人 力資源的戰略研究
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Dr PUN Po Leung Kelvin New Product Development Strategies for High-reliability Flexible Electronics Packaging
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Dr SHING Wai Chung Adrian A Survey of Contact Wire Wear Parameters and the Development of a Model to Predict Wire Wear by using the Artificial Neural Network
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Dr SI Haitao Control and Management for RFID Manufacturing and Intelligent Application
RFID 制造與智能應用的控制與管理
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Dr SUBRAMANIAN Arunkumar Development and Application of Total Supplier Value Management Model for Manufacturing Companies
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Dr SZETO Wing Hong Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta (PRD) mould making industry – A Comparative Strategic Analysis
香港及珠三角模具業 - 競爭策略比較分析
View N.A.
Dr TAM Kam Hay Albert Reduction of Unsafe Driving Behaviors at Work – A Field Study
View N.A.
Dr TANG Wah Hau Danny Knowledge Management Solution for Railway Construction
View N.A.
Dr TONG Kwok Kei Improving Technical Quality in Repair Service to Achieve Customer Satisfaction in Automotive After-sales Service
View N.A.
Dr TSAI Kai Chi Victor Cultural Impact on Conflict Management in Hong Kong Construction Projects
View N.A.
Dr WONG Lap Man Andy Development of Knowledge-based Integrated Management System (KIMS) for Hong Kong Construction Industry
View N.A.
Dr WONG Yiu Fai Gary Assessment Approaches of Managing Organizational Culture in Technological Innovation in Hong Kong
View N.A.
Dr YEUNG Kai Kin Herbert A Study on the Mechanical Properties and Performance of Selected Thermoplastic and Thermosetting Composites for Engineering Applications
View N.A.
Dr YEUNG Kwok Ming Joe Implementation of Manufacturing Process Standardization
View N.A.
Dr YU Chuen Keung Stephen Cross-Boundary Heliport Development in Hong Kong
View N.A.
Dr YUEN Pak Leung Rethinking Ventilation Design for Reducing Airborne Respiratory Disease Transmission in General Hospital Wards
View N.A.
Dr YUEN Wai Pang The Influence of Data Visibility on Cloud Computing Service Enterprise Customer’s Perception of System Security
雲計算服務的數據可視性給企業客戶對資訊 系統安全感的影響
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