Engineering Doctorate (Engineering Management)

工程學博士 (工程管理)

Programme code: ENGDEM
Mode of Funding: Non-government-funded
(self-financed without studentship)

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Programme Aims

The Engineering Doctorate (EngD) is a professional doctorate degree. This programme aims to develop students' creative thinking through tackling important strategic industrial projects and meeting the specific needs of industry. Students will pursue the study of engineering management and industrial research of a high order while carrying on with their professional duties. The originality and value of the students' research will be assessed within their specific professional and industrial contexts. As professional activity is usually multi-disciplinary and business- and management-driven, the programme will include a wide variety of coursework on Engineering Management. The programme provides an integrated curriculum of theory, practice and research to develop professionals' creative thinking and capabilities in the application of knowledge to solve important strategic problems in industry.

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Course Description

The programme comprises a taught component and a research component.

Taught Component:
The taught component comprises 9 credit units of core courses and 12 credit units of elective courses. The taught courses available to EngD students comprehensively cover a mixture of technology, innovation management and experience to provide industry with competent and knowledgeable managers in the fields of technology and innovation.

Core Courses:
Industry is in great need of people who can implement new technologies and knowledge in business. The core courses are designed to equip students to meet the immediate needs of industry for innovative application and implementation of state-of-the-art knowledge and technology.

  • EngD Seminar
  • Integrative Engineering Management
  • Research Methods in Engineering Management

There will be a series of electives in engineering management.

Research Component:
The research component comprises a 36 credit units thesis with a normal duration of 3 years.

Tuition Fee
The tuition fee is chargeable on a per credit unit basis. For the students admitted in 2018 cohort is HK$7,430 per credit unit until the end of your study in this programme. There are other fees/charges for studying in the programme. Please check the website of SGS for details of programme-related fees.

Academic Enquiries:
Dr. CHAN, H.S., Alan
Tel: 3442 8439

General Enquiries:
Ms. LEE, Agnes
Tel: 3442 9535

EngD Student Handbook

You may also refer to the following web page for details of this programme:

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