Bachelor of Engineering in
Systems Engineering and Management (BENG SEM)
工學士 (系統工程管理學)

JUPAS code: JS1209 SEEM (BEng) – Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management (Bachelor of Engineering)


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培育工程專才 迎大數據挑戰

The Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management (SEEM) offers a single major, the BEng in Systems Engineering and Management (BENG SEM). The BENG SEM major aims to nurture students' analytic skills in understanding, analysing, managing and improving modern enterprises and systems, grounded in engineering principles and scientific methods. The targets of management and improvement include the operations and processes of an enterprise, or its projects, products and services. An enterprise under consideration can be an engineering, business, government, or service-oriented organisation.

A BENG SEM student is trained to become an analytic and versatile engineering graduate with the right skill-sets to effect these changes in the world of modern enterprises, globalised production and boundary-less information flow.

A BENG SEM graduate

  • has good understanding of today’s science, engineering and technology;
  • is knowledgeable about a modern enterprise’s organisation and management;
  • uses systems concepts and tools to analyse process and operational problems in enterprises, and to improve processes and operations in enterprises; and
  • is equipped with analytic and quantitative skill sets to grapple with real world problems that are associated with massive amount of data and information in enterprises.

What You Will Be Studying

In addition to general education studies, language proficiency, university level mathematics, essential computer studies and fundamental engineering sciences, which are required for all engineering students, this major offers a common SEM curriculum and two optional streams.

Common Systems Engineering and Management curriculum (General Stream)
A common set of required and elective courses that equip students with the knowledge and skills to analyse and improve operations, processes, products and services in enterprises.

Optional Total Quality Engineering Stream (TQE)
A set of required and elective courses that equip students with analytical, technical and managerial knowledge in quality engineering and assurance systems and Total Quality Management.

Optional Data Analytics Stream (DA)
A set of required and elective courses that equip students with statistical and computing knowledge in Data Analytics and Data Science.

Core Courses (63 credits)

GE2319 / GE2336 Industrial Engineering and Management of Modern Enterprises / Understanding Phenomena Around Us: An Introduction to Systems Thinking
MA2172 Applied Statistics for Sciences and Engineering
MA2181 Mathematical Methods for Engineering
MBE2106 Basic Engineering Materials and Processing
MBE2107 Basics of Mechanical Engineering
MBE2108 Introduction to Electromechanical Systems
SEEM2101 Introduction to Systems Engineering and Management
SEEM2102 Data Analytics and Statistical Methods
SEEM3020 Engineering Economic Analysis
SEEM3024 Ergonomics in Workplace Design
SEEM3027 Logistics and Materials Management
SEEM3032 Production and Operations Planning
SEEM3034 Work Design
SEEM3040 Engineering Database and Systems
SEEM3053 Quality Improvement Methodologies
SEEM3060 Operations Research
SEEM3102 Quality Engineering
SEEM3103 Process Analysis and Design
SEEM4066 Professional Engineering Practice
SEEM4109 Product and Service Design and Innovation
SEEM4068 / SEEM4116 Project (Individual) / Capstone Project II

Elective Courses (21 credits)

Course Code Course Description Remarks
SEEM3057 Industrial Marketing for Engineers
SEEM3116 Capstone Project I
SEEM4043 Global Operations Management
SEEM4047 Directed Studies
SEEM4051 Facilities and Distribution Management
SEEM4106 Operations Management of Production and Service Systems
SEEM3104 Product Testing and Certification Total Quality Engineering Stream (TQE)
Must take FIVE courses in this group
SEEM4023 Occupational Health and Safety Management
SEEM4024 Project Management
SEEM4025 Quality Systems and Management
SEEM4059 Process Monitoring and Inspection Techniques
SEEM4064 Reliability Engineering
SEEM4110 Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments
SEEM3105 Bayesian Analysis Data Analytics Stream (DA)
Must take FIVE courses in this group
SEEM4026 Systems Modelling, Optimization and Simulation
SEEM4103 Decision Analysis and Risk Management
SEEM4107 Financial Engineering for Engineers
SEEM4111 Business Analytics & Data Visualization
SEEM4112 Computing Methods in Data Analytics
SEEM4113 Data Mining

Career Placements

BENG SEM Graduates have a board range of career opportunities in industrial, services oriented and business enterprises. There is a strong demand for systems engineering management related posts in the industry.

Typical starting positions:

  1. Industrial Engineer
  2. Project Engineer
  3. Production / Operations Engineer
  4. Project Coordinators / Operations Officers
  5. Quality Assurance / Quality Control Engineers
  6. Procurement / Supplier Quality Engineers / Officers
  7. ISO9000 / ISO14000 Controllers / Auditors
  8. Logistics / Systems Engineer
  9. Supply Chain / Materials / Procurement Engineer
  10. Facilities and Distribution Engineer
  11. Management Trainees / Graduate Trainees / Business Analyst Trainee
  12. Operations Analysts / Planning Trainees / Project Coordinators / Supply Chain Specialists
  13. Business / Events Planner, Controller and Coordinator
  14. Probationary Inspector of the HK Police, Customs officer of HKSAR Govt – Customs and Excise Department

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Major Structure / Major Requirements (Links to University Undergraduate Catalogue)

Normative 4-year Degree
Advanced Standing I (ASI)

Model Study Path (PDF)

BENGU4 SEM 2017/18 Entry (Normative 4-year Degree)

BENGU4 SEM 2016/17 Entry (Normative 4-year Degree)
BENGU3 SEM 2017/18 Entry (ASI)

Student Handbook (PDF)

BENG SEM 2017/18
BENG SEM 2016/17

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