Venue and Transportation

Conference Venue:

地址: 北京市海淀區中關村東路55號數學院南樓

Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science (AMSS),Chinese Academy of Sciences
South Building, AMSS, 55 Zhongguancun East Road,
Haidian District, Beijing, China

Transportation from the Airport:

出租車: 從首都國際機場到會中國科學院數學與系統科學研究院及周邊協議賓館(物科賓館、遼寧大廈、駿馬國際酒店、科苑公寓)可以搭乘出租車,車程約1小時,車費約120人民幣。

Taxi: The most convenient way to get to AMSS and recommended hotels (Beijing Wuke Hotel, Liaoning International Hotel, JM International Hotel, Scientist House) from the Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA) is by taxi. It takes about 120RMB (about 20USD) and around 1hr.

機場大巴: 也可以搭乘機場大巴(首都機場<-->中關村線)到中關村站下車,然後步行10分鐘左右到會場。

Shuttle Bus: Shuttle bus is available from Beijing International Airport to ZhongGuanCun Station. Please get off at the last stop and then walk around 10 minutes to AMSS.

地鐵: 也可以在首都機場乘坐機場快軌到三元橋站,然後轉乘地鐵10號線至知春里站,然後步行15分鐘左右到會場。

Subway: Another way is to take the Beijing Airport Express to Sanyuanqiao Station (三元橋站) and take Subway line No.10 to Zhichunli station, then walk about 15 minutes to AMSS.

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