Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speaker I

Prof. Way KUO

Prof. Way Kuo

President and University Distinguished Professor
City University of Hong Kong

About the Speaker
Way Kuo is President of City University of Hong Kong. He is a member of US National Academy of Engineering, a Member of Academia Sinica, Taiwan, and a Foreign Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Russian Academy of Engineering. He is renowned for his work in system reliability research and is acknowledged as a pioneer in designing and modeling reliability of electronics systems.

Professor Kuo has previously worked in the senior management team for Oak Ridge National Laboratory and served as Dean of Engineering at the University of Tennessee. His popular science book Critical Reflections on Nuclear and Renewable Energy, Scrivener-Wiley 2014, has created an impact since its publication in 2013. The book has been translated into English, Japanese, French and Russian. It has also been published in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Beijing in both traditional and simplified Chinese under different titles.

Understanding the problem before finding the solution

Often, mistakes are made by solving the wrong problems although the solutions indeed match the problems under study. Examples will be illustrated in the talk, and some systematic approaches will be suggested.

Keynote Speaker II

Prof. CHEN Jian

Prof. Chen Jian

Lenovo Chair professor, Chair
Department of Management Science and Engineering
Tsinghua University

About the Speaker
Chen Jian is Lenovo Chair professor at the Department of Management Science and Engineering in the School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University. He is also Chair of Department of Management Science and Engineering and director of Research Center for Contemporary Management, Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences at Universities of MOE.

Professor Chen has authored/co-authored many papers in refereed journals, such as Annals of Operations Research, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Decision Support Systems, European Journal of Operational Research, etc. He has been a principal investigator for over 30 grants or research contracts with National Science Foundation of China, governmental organizations and companies. He has been invited to present several Keynote/Plenary lectures at Conferences. He also serves as associate editor/area editor/EB member for a number of international journals such as Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering, Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Flexible Services and Manufacturing, etc. He is the recipient of Award for Outstanding Research in Natural Sciences/Award for Outstanding Research in Science and Technology Progress/Award for Outstanding Research in Humanities and Social Sciences by Ministry of Education, Fellow of IEEE, IBM Faculty Award, Ministry of Education Changjiang Scholars, among others.

Big Data Era: Opportunities and Challenges for Business Management

Innovations in technology and ever cheaper equipment have been bringing us into a new phrase where we are awash in a flood of data. Big data is changing the way we live and work, altering the relationship between customers, firms and government, and reshaping the business. In this talk, we focus on the opportunities and challenges for business management posed by big data applications.

Keynote Speaker III

Prof. SHI Yong

Prof. Shi Yong

Associate Dean
School of Management, GUCAS

Key Lab of Big Data Mining and Knowledge Management, Chinese Academy of Sciences

About the Speaker
Yong Shi, serves as the Director, Chinese Academy of Sciences Research Center on Fictitious Economy & Data Science and the Director of the Key Lab of Big Data Mining and Knowledge Management, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research interests include business intelligence, data mining, and multiple criteria decision making. He has published more than 24 books, over 300 papers in various journals and numerous conferences/proceedings papers. He is the Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making (SCI), Editor-in-Chief of Annals of Data Science (Springer) and a member of Editorial Board for a number of academic journals. Dr. Shi has received many distinguished awards including the Fellow of the World Academy of Sciences for developing countries, 2015, the Georg Cantor Award of the International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM), 2009; Fudan Prize of Distinguished Contribution in Management, Fudan Premium Fund of Management, China, 2009; Outstanding Young Scientist Award, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2001; and Speaker of Distinguished Visitors Program (DVP) for 1997-2000, IEEE Computer Society. He has also consulted or worked on business projects for a number of international companies in data mining and knowledge management.

Big Data Analytics and Data Science

Big Data has become a reality that no one can ignore. Big Data is our environment whenever we need to make a decision. Big Data is a buzz word that makes everyone understands how important it is. Big Data shows a big opportunity for academia, industry and government. Big Data then is a big challenge for all parties. This talk will discuss some challenges of Big Data analytics as well as Data Science, the scientific issues behind Big Data. Then, this talk will provide a number of real-life Big Data Applications.