Special Sessions

Session Chair Affiliation Session Title
Bjarne Bergquist Luleå University of Technology Recent Developments Of Data Analysis In Swedish Industry
Changsoon Park Chung-Ang University Multivariate Monitoring And Sequenial Testing Plan
Ching-Shui Cheng University of California, Berkeley Design Of Experiments
Dan Yu Institute of Systems Science, Academia Sinica New Advancements Of System Reliability Research In Chinese Academia Sinica
Dave Woods University of Southampton Design And Analysis Of Industrial And Engineering Experiments
Fugee Tsung Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Journal of Quality Technology Invited Session
Geoffrey Vining Virginia Tech Perspectives On Statistical Process Monitoring
Grazia Vicario Politecnico di Torino Design And Analysis Of Physical And Computer Experiments
Grazia Vicario Politecnico di Torino ENBIS Invited Session
Guido Masarotto University of Padova Recent Developments In Statistical Process Monitoring
Henry Wynn
Ron Bates
London School of Economics and Political Science
Uncertainty In Engineering Design
Jan Shi Georgia Institute of Technology Multivariate Profile Data Monitoring: Methodology And Applications
Ji Zhu University of Michigan Title to be confirmed
Judy Jin University of Michigan Bayesian Methods For Model Estimation And Calibration
Nozer Singpurwalla City University of Hong Kong Aspects of Reliability and Survival
Peihua Qiu University of Florida Technometrics Invited Session: Novel Methods For Analyzing Image And Lifetime Data And For Efficient Computation
Peter Qian University of Wisconsin Design and Analysis of Experiments
Regina Liu Rutgers University Statistical Challenges In Complex Data Settings And Foundation
Roshan Vengazhiyil Georgia Institute of Technology Design of Experiment and Applications
Samuel Kou Harvard University Statistical Challenges in Neuroimaging and Protein Folding
Sheng-Tsaing Tseng National Tsing Hua University Quality And Reliability Modeling And Inference
Shiyu Zhou University of Wisconsin Topics In Industrial Data Analytics
Sijian Wang University of Wisconsin Recent Advance in Statistical Learning Methods in Data Science
Wei Jiang Shanghai Jiao Tong University SPC And Applications