Laboratory for Energy Economics and Environmental Management

The Laboratory of Energy Economics and Environmental Management (EEEM) was established in 2017. The EEEM Laboratory is the first and by far the only effort in Hong Kong S.A.R. dedicated to economic analysis of energy and environmental issues.

The research of the lab focuses on two broad fields: Sustainability & Productivity. In Sustainability, we study how to achieve sustainable economic growth, how to set up fine institutiton to support sustainable development, and how to design environmental regulation for sustainability. In Productivity, we answer research questions related to productivity and efficiency, with particular interest in energy use, carbon market, and the water sector.

EEEM is an international team with researchers from various educational background including economics, management, public policy, engineering, and governance. EEEM extends its presence in different continents through its strong international collaborations.

The EEEM Laboratory focuses on the development of improved quantitative approaches for the design, evaluation, and upgrade of sustainable energy policies at local, regional, and global levels. Based on that, we explore the interaction among the economy, energy, and the environment. We aim to pave the way for the development of sustainable smart growth framework for an economy under the global change era.

The EEEM Laboratory has established robust connections with renowned research teams at an international level. Details on this      International Collaborators can be found here.