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Dr. Carol Lin




Biomass valorisation

The research group focuses on the microbial synthesis of fine and bulk chemicals and enzymes through fermentation and biocatalytic processes. This includes the development and optimization of fermentation processes, metabolic engineering, genetic engineering for the improvement of production strains as well as down-stream processing for the isolation and purification of bio-products. The research group has years of expertise in the field of microbiology and fermentation processes. Several projects in the group are related with biomass conversion, i.e. the valorization of food waste and agro-industrial biomass from crop-by products and waste.

In the field of bio-energy, the research is actively focused on developing new industrial processes, which directly or indirectly facilitate the production of liquid biofuels. New methods for the production of biodiesel from food waste using microalgae are currently being developed in collaboration with other pioneering laboratories. A qualitative and quantitative evaluation is the basis for further optimization of production processes for biofuel and bio-energy production.


News and Events


6-7/12/2012 Dr. Carol Lin invited for a keynote in the ANTEC® Mumbai 2012 Conference, organized by the Society of Plastics Engineers.


19/11/2012 Dr. Carol Lin and postdoc Dr. Daniel Pleissner invited by the College of Fisheries and Life Sciences at the Shanghai Ocean University  for seminars.


9/11/2012 Congratulation to FYP students for successfully recovered PHB film from fermentation broth.  Well done Everyone!


9/2012 Congratulation to Dr. Sun Zheng as Associate Professor in the Shanghai Ocean University from September 2012. Well done Allen!





10/9/2012 Dr. Carol Lin’s research has been featured by the Time Magazine (US. Edition). Briefing: Health & Science - Waste Not: Can old food really be repurposed? By Alice Park (see attachment)





6/9/2012 Dr. Carol Lin’s research has been reported by the Apple Daily News.




3/9/2012 Goodbye to Joe Leung! Good luck to your new career in the Hong Kong International Airport!




26/08/2012 Dr. Carol Lin’s research has been highlighted by the South China Morning Post:’HK team finds rich use for food waste: ‘Biorefinery’ uses fungi to turn waste into an ingredient for making everyday products.’ By Adrian Wan
(see attachment)

30/08/2012 The group receives Master student Rick Arneil D. Arancon from the Ateneo de Manila University in Phillipines as visitor for a week, welcome Rick.

29/08/2012 The group receives Prof. dr. Rafa Luque from the University of Cordoba, Spain as visitor for a month, welcome Rafa!
Pls link with Rafa’s homepage:


Rick (left) and Rafa (right)


19-23/8/2012 Dr. Carol Lin presented her research titled ‘Valorisation of coffee grinds and unconsumed bakery waste from Starbucks Hong Kong for the sustainable production of chemical and materials’ in the Green Chemistry and the Environment session at the Division of Environmental Chemistry in the 244th ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at USA. The research has been highlighted by the ACS press release and ACS Live online.


ACS press release: New biorefinery finds treasure in Starbucks’ spent coffee grounds and stale bakery goods


ACS live: New biorefinery finds treasure in Starbucks’ spent coffee grounds and stale bakery goods

Over 35,000 views by October 1, 2012

Green Chemistry and the Environment session: Carol, James and Rafa


1/8/2012 The group welcomes the joining of Dr. Daniel Pleissner (PhD from the University of Southern Denmark) as postdoctoral fellow and Mr. Mingji Li (MPhil from the Shandong University, China) as research assistant. Welcome Daniel and Mingji.



Research group photos taken in HKUST: (Left to right) Mingji, Daniel, Rafa, Carol and Gigi.


6/2012 Farewell to Ryan and Andrew. All the best to Ryan (continue as research assistant in Dr. Yun Lam in BCH) and Andrew (receives scholarship for European Master in the Netherlands and Austria).