Water Environment Technology Laboratory

Dr. Alicia K.J AN

Water and Energy lab’s research focus on 1) developing sustainable Water resource including desalination, wastewater reclamation and rainwater harvest and 2) Energy self-reliance and resource recycling wastewater treatment plant for maximize energy efficiency and minimize greenhouse gas emission. Greenhouse gas accounting will be conducted to provide framework of system improvement.

Our research topics include:

Seawater desalination technologies using Membrane Technology and systems optimization for O & M

Desalination of water can be considered as one of sustainable alternative water resource despite its challenges including high energy consumption and brine management. We are striving to develop technology to solve such challenge of desalination toward energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


Rainwater Harvesting

Do you know that 5cm rainfall on a 200m2 roof can generates 10,000L of water that can be reused?

Rainwater harvesting can reduce your water bills, temperature by alleviating heat island effect, flooding and erosion, and efficiently use of a value resource.  We are going to study first flush filter, storage capacity, incoming rainwater quality, options for reusing rainwater, and solar disinfection.

Rain Water

Toward energy self-reliance and resource recycling in wastewater treatment plant / Greenhouse gas accounting in waste sector including water and wastewater treatment

We will evaluate potential of Waste to Energy and greenhouse gas reduction opportunity in waste sector including water and wastewater treatment to draw sustainable waste management policy.