City University of Hong Kong

Waste and biomass valorisation laboratory

Dr. Carol LIN

This research group focuses on the microbial synthesis of fine and bulk chemicals and enzymes through fermentation and biocatalytic processes using waste as feedstock. This includes the development and optimization of fermentation processes, metabolic engineering, genetic engineering for the improvement of production strains as well as down-stream processing for the isolation and purification of bio-products. The research group has years of expertise in the field of microbiology and fermentation processes. Several projects in the group are related with biomass conversion, i.e. the valorization of food waste and agro-industrial biomass from crop-by products and waste.

In the field of bio-energy, the research is actively focused on developing new industrial processes, which directly or indirectly facilitate the production of liquid biofuels. New methods for the production of biodiesel and value-added products from food waste using microbial fermentation are currently being developed in collaboration with other pioneering laboratories. A qualitative and quantitative evaluation is the basis for further optimization of production processes for biofuel and bioproducts production.

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Conversion of Food Waste into Polylactic acid Fibre (in English)

'Conversion of Food Waste into Polylactic acid Fibre' project (ITP/002/14TP) funded by Innovation and Technology Commission led by Dr. Carol Lin. The video was prepared by the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textile and Appeals (HKRITA) specially for the Geneva Invention Exhibition in April 2016 (

Conversion of Food Waste into Polylactic acid Fibre (in French)

ITF project

Column separation


Microalgae fermentation

Rotary evaporator

Shake flasks for microalgae culture

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