Dean and Chair Professor of Atmospheric Environment

Name Email Tel. no. Office
a Prof. Chak K. CHAN Email address 3442-5593 AC1-G5716
Research areas: Aerosol Chemistry, Air Pollution

Associate Dean (Research and Graduate Studies) and Professor

Name Email Tel. no. Office
Prof. Michael K. H. LEUNG Email address 3442-4626 AC1-B5431
Research areas: solar photocatalysis, fuel-cell electrochemistry, hydrogen production, carbon management ,carbon capture and storage, advanced refrigeration and air-conditioning

Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies) and Associate Professor

P Lee Dr. Patrick LEE Email address 3442-4625 AC1-B5423
Research areas: environmental biotechnology and engineering, bioenergy, applied environmental microbiology, molecular microbial ecology, environmental genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics, single-cell microbiology

Chair Professor of Environmental Chemistry

Name Email Tel. no. Office
Prof. Peter BRIMBLECOMBE Email address 3442-4676 AC1-B5432
Research areas: long-term changes in urban air pollution and its effects on health and material damage; the statistical structure of air pollution monitoring data and its implications to policy; impact of climate change on historic sites and their use; sea surface microlayer, binding to particulate material and the envrionmental chemistry of pharmaceuticals.

Chair Professor of Atmospheric Science

Name Email Tel. no. Office
Jonhhy Chan Prof. Johnny CHAN Email address 3442-7820 AC1-B5430
Research areas: tropical meteorology, climate diagnostics and modeling, air pollution

Associate Professor

Name Email Tel. no. Office
Dr. Walid DAOUD Email address 3442-4499 AC1-B5427
Research areas: renewable energy conversion and storage, device fabrication and efficiency characterization, smart textiles.
C Lin Dr. Carol LIN Email address 3442-7497 AC1-G5707
Research areas:

Biorefinery; Green and Sustainable Chemistry; Food waste valorisation; Nutrient recovery; Waste and biomass valorisation.

Z Ning Dr. Zhi NING Email address 3442-4620 AC1-B5435
Research areas: Combustion sources emission characterization; Urban air quality and sensor network; Environmental monitoring technology development and application; Personal exposure to air pollution and in-vitro investigation.
Dr. Ian A. RIDLEY Email address 3442-4761 AC1-B5429
Research areas: Building Performance Evaluation, Advanced Building Simulation, Indoor Air Quality, Health and Comfort in the Built Environment, Building Stock Modelling, Energy and Health Epidemiology in Buildings, Advanced Glazing, Moisture, Mould and Bio-contaminants in Buildings.
Dr. Masaru YARIME Dr. Masaru YARIME Email address 3442-2322 AC1-B5434
Research areas: Public Policy, Corporate Strategy, and Institutional Design on Innovation for Energy, Environment, and Sustainability, Economics and Policy Studies of Technological Change , Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy and Governance, University-Industry-Government Collaboration, Structure, Functions, and Evolution of Innovation Systems, Sustainability Science.
Dr. Wen ZHOU Email address 3442-7816 AC1-B5425
Research areas: East Asia monsoon climate, tropical intraseasonal oscillation, different types of El Niño and their effects on climate, climate extreme and climate change.

Assistant Professor

Name Email Tel. no. Office
Dr. Alicia K. J. AN Email address 3442-9626 AC1-B5433
Research areas: Emerging membrane technology: Membrane Distillation (MD), Revere ElectroDialysis (RED), Forward Osmosis (FO); fabrication of nanofibrous filters; desalination and algae removal in seawater reverse osmosis systems; GHGs accounting.
Dr. Shauhrat S. Chopra Dr. Shauhrat S. CHOPRA Email address 3442-4665 AC1-G5705
Research areas: Industrial ecology and symbiosis,life cycle assessment (LCA) for emerging materials and technology, ecosystem goods and services management, climate change adaptation, disaster response and recovery, interdependent urban infrastructure systems, food production systems .
Dr. Sam H. Y. HSU Dr. Sam H. Y. HSU Email address 3442-5412 AC1-G5709
Research areas: Hybrid organic-inorganic materials, photophysics, photoelectrochemistry, ultrafast laser spectroscopy, scanning electrochemical microscopy imaging, solar fuels and photovoltaics.
Dr. Nicky Y. F. LAM Email address 3442-9625 AC1-G5712
Research areas: regional/local air pollution modeling, intercontinental long-range transport of air pollution, impact assessment of future climate change, global climate and air quality downscaling, stratospheric ozone transport.
Dr. Chunhua LIU Email address 3442-2885 AC1-B5428
Research areas: Electric motors & drives, electric generators; Electric vehicle technologies, vehicle-to-grid; Smart grid & micro grid technologies; Sustainable & renewable energy systems; Wireless power transfer technologies; Smart robotic devices.
Dr. Keith NGAN Email address 3442-6702 AC1-B5436
Research areas: atmospheric dynamics, fluid dynamics, numerical weather prediction, turbulence, urban meteorology.
Dr. JinShang Dr. Jin SHANG Email address 3442-7714 AC1-B5424
Research areas: CO2 capture, Nature gas/biogas purification, Sour gas (SO2, NOx, and H2S) removal, VOCs (volatile Organic Compounds), Semi-VOCs, and POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) removal, Energy storage, Chemical sensing
Dr. Patrick SIT Email address 3442-6709 AC1-B5426
Research areas: Solar cell systems, hydrogen-producing catalysts, water splitting catalysts, electron transfer, proton transfer, density functional theory, first-principles (ab initio) molecular dynamics.
Dr. Denis Y. W. YU Email address 3442-6885 AC1-B5422
Research areas: effect of size on electrochemical performance, nano-architecturing of battery materials, understanding effect of electrode configuration and electrolyte, high voltage battery materials, mechanical properties of battery materials, novel sodium-ion battery materials .
Dr. JinShang Dr. Lin ZHANG
Email address 3442-4012 AC1-B5437
Research areas: Energy and environmental economics, Efficiency and productivity analysis, Energy policy, Applied economics, Computable general equilibrium modeling.

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct Professor

Name Email Tel. no. Office
Dr. LOCK Fat Shing, Louis Email address 3442-9490 AC1-G5135

Affiliate Faculty

Associate Professor, Affiliate

Name Email Tel. no.
Dr. Tin-Tai CHOW Email address 3442-7622
Dr. Wanxin LI Email address 3442-9651

Administrative and Technical Staff

Name Position Email Tel. no. Office
Ms. Alice WONG School Secretary Email address 3442-9889 AC1-G5708
Miss Michelle WONG Executive Officer I Email address 3442-9481 AC1-G5702
Miss Vivian KONG Executive Officer II Email address 3442-4426 AC1-G5702
Miss Debbie LEUNG Executive Officer II Email address 3442-7496 AC1-G5702
Mr. SZETO Koon Chuen Information Technology Officer II Email address 3442-4421 AC1-G5135
Dr. Kenneth CHU Senior Technical Officer Email address 3442-7452 AC1-G5135
Mr. CHAU Lik Tak Ricky Technical Officer Email address 3442-9962 AC1-G5135
Miss CHOW Yin Mei Ivy Technical Officer Email address 3442-4685 AC1-P2631
Mr. LAU Chi Lam Technical Officer Email address 3442-4062 AC1-G5135
Ms. Ada AU Clerical Officer I Email address 3442-2410 AC1-G5702
Miss Kitty CHAN Clerical Officer I Email address 3442-2414 AC1-G5702
Ms. CHAN Ka Lee Kylie Clerical Officer I and Secretary to Dean Email address 3442-7359 AC1-G5702
Ms. DUNG Yuk Man Mandy Personal Secretary I Email address 3442-4022 AC1-G5702
Miss LEE Wing Hang Clerical Officer II Email address 3442-2412 AC1-G5702