Visit to Transformation Park (T-Park) on 2 November 2016

Students taking the Gateway Education course, GE1337 Urban Green City: Pollution and Solution, offered by the School participated in the visit to the Transformation Park (T-Park) on 2 November 2016 (Wednesday).  T-Park is a sludge treatment facility using advanced technology to transform Hong Kong in the area of waste-to-energy. Students were taken on a tour where they were introduced to the treatment process from sludge reception, deodourization, incineration using the fluidized bed incinerator, power generation and flue gas control; as well as the seawater desalinization process. They were able to see the machinery used for these processes through the guided tour where they also learnt that T-Park is 100% self-sufficient in electricity generation and water supply. The visit helped the students identify and see the application of the knowledge taught during classes as well as aroused their awareness of sustainable solutions for some urban city pollution problems.