Visit to Transformation Park (T · PARK) on 12 November 2016

Students taking SEE6101 Energy Generation and Storage System learnt about the concepts underlying biomass energy and also energy conversion methods such as heat engines/Rankine cycles. The students finally got a chance to see the operations of the principles in real life. On 12 November 2016 (Saturday), 33 students visited T · PARK. It is actually not only a park for recreation, but also a facility where the sludge is burnt and converted to electricity. The guide of T · PARK explained to the students in detail how the sludge is transferred, treated and burnt in the facility. Every day, T · PARK treats about 1200 tons of sludge from sewage, reducing the volume to about 10%. This reduces the amount that is deposited into the landfill. At the same time, the electricity was used internally for water desalination and also heating a spa.