Visit to Castle Peak Power Plant (ElectriCity) on 1 November 2014

A group of postgraduate students studying the course, SEE6101/8111 Energy Generation and Storage Systems, led by Dr. Denis Yu, visited the Castle Peak Power Plant (“ElectriCity”) on 1 November 2014. They were greeted by great sunshine and a veteran tour guide, Mr. Cheuk, who has been working at CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP) for 34 years.

Students learnt about the operations of the CLP power plants, which provide more than 70% of the electricity in Hong Kong. Videos and interactive displays provided information on how electricity is generated, stored and used. Students were able to see the actual turbine blade, stators and rotors inside the turbine as one of the turbines and generators was overhauled (once every 6 years and lasts for 60 days). At the end of the visit, a guided tour around the site let students have an opportunity to see how coal is transported and stored in the power plant and how they are fed into the boiler.

Visit to ElectriCity 1

Visit to ElectriCity 2

Visit to ElectriCity 3

Visit to ElectriCity 4