Dr. Sam Hsu's paper is highlighted as a Hot Article in "Journal of Materials Chemistry A"

Dr. Sam Hsu’s review paper titled "A Review on morphology engineering for highly efficient and stable hybrid perovskite solar cells" is recently highlighted as a Hot Article in "Journal of Materials Chemistry A"

After three generations of photovoltaic development, including silicon-based solar cells, inorganic thin film solar cells and organic material heterojunction solar cells, scientists are striving for new materials that could be stable, low-cost and environment-friendly.

Dr. Sam Hsu's article published on Journal of Materials Chemistry A

The game was changed until 2009, hybrid perovskites have been highlighted as a significant material to be applied in the field of solar cells, and hybrid perovskite solar cells (HPSCs) are recognized as the fourth generation of solar cells. Researchers all over the world make significant effort to boost the effciency of HPSCs close to the record for thin film solar cells. Many methods were adopted to improve the quality of HPSCs, however, there no such review on discussing morphology engineering of HPSCs.

As the publications related to HPSCs growth over 9000 until July 2018, a review article is necessary to summarize the similar ideas together. Dr. Sam Hsu defined several widely established methodologies such as additive engineering, self-assembled monolayers (SAMs), solvent engineering, solvent annealing, thermal engineering, compositional engineering and humidity engineering and coordinated these chaotic puzzles into a complete picture. Researchers can find more convenient while they try to make any comparisons between these methods.