SEE Cultural Study Tour to South Korea 2016

Following the mission of enriching the learning experience of our students by broadening their knowledge and enhancing their horizon, like the past, an overseas study tour to Seoul was organized by the School of Energy and Environment during the summer break 2016. The delegation of sixteen students led by Dr. Patrick Sit visited South Korea from 5th to 9th June 2016.

Though the weather was ruthlessly hot, the delegation was excited when visiting sites such as Sudokwon Landfill site (transforming landfill to ecological park), Sihwa-Lake Tidal Power Plant (generating infinite clean energy from the ocean power), Mapo Resource Recovery Facility (using clean incineration technology), THE Green LH (constructing zero carbon building and using Green Technology in living) and Seoul National University (harvesting and reusing rain water). Throughout the study tour, the group had the opportunity to explore cutting-edge technology in generating clean energies and remediating pollutants. The off-classroom learning experience is valuable and beneficial as what the Chinese say, “reading thousand books is not as useful as travelling thousand miles”.

Learning and understanding cultural difference is important in personal development. Apart from the everyday encounter with the Korean culture by enjoying the Korean drama and K-pop; or indulging the Korean food in the restaurants in Hong Kong, the students also took this opportunity to appreciate the Korean culture by visiting the Gyeongbokgung Palace, N Seoul Tower and Cheong Gye Cheon Museum.

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CHAN Chung Yin Calvin LEE Chak Hei Brian
CHAN Hei Tung Hayton LO Tak Yan Caleb
CHENG Nga Chi Jacky LUK Hung Sum Sam
CHUNG Wai Yi Wylie POON Ying Tao Pluto
HO Christy TSANG Kin Pok Peter
LAU Ngai Sze Milky TSE Hiu Kan Ivan
LAU Wai Hung William WANG Likang Ivan
LAU Yu Ho Ben WANG Qi Matt