We are a group of undergraduate students from the City University of Hong Kong to form a solar car team named’ Morgen City’. Our team members come from cross-discipline academic units to work together in the 'New Energy New Generation Solar Car Competition' which is co-organized by the Environment Bureau and Electrical and Mechanical Services Department. We are required to build our own manned vehicle with solar energy as the power source by the end of 2016.

Our Mission

Our team name ‘Morgen City’ combines the German word ‘Morgen’, which means ‘Morning’ in English with the word ‘City’. The team name not only implies this is the very first attempt to build a solar car for our institute, but also marks the dawn of developing renewable energy and energy efficient technology by local Hong Kong students. Our success shall deliver a message to the public for encouraging them to concern the opportunity of developing sustainable energy. Though the path may be tough, we will never stop until we built a remarkable solar vehicle.

Participating Academic Units

Team members 2015/16



Team Director: Professor Michael Kwok-Hi LEUNG (SEE)
Team Manager: Mr. Stanley Man-Sing LAM (SEE)
(Management Team)
Team Members:

Energy Source Team
Mr. Jay Luyujie CAI (SEE)
Miss Kennis Ka-Yan CHAN (SEE)
Mr. Harry Zhi-Kiet LAM (SEE)
Mr. Martin Shun-Sang LUK (SEE)
Mr. Tommy Chun-Yin YAP (SEE)

Energy Storage Team
Miss Daisy Sze-Yan CHAN (SEE)
Mr. George Tsz-Chung CHAN (SEE)
Mr. James Yew-Yuen KHONG (SEE)

Mechanical Team
Mr. Sam Sin-Cheung CHIK (SEE)
Mr. Flya Wai-Chung LEUNG (CSE)

Design Team
Mr. Pluto Tsz-Nok MOK (SCM)

Management Team
Miss Charmaine Wing-Yin AU YEUNG (CB)
Miss Mary Wen-Hsien HO (CB)
Miss Ashley Cheuk-Ying LAU (CB)

Logistic Support Team
Mr. Kayden Chun-Yeung VAN (SEE)
Mr. Ewan Ying-Wai HO (CSE)
Mr. Jim Tsz-Hin TANG (CSE)
Mr. Michael Munyaradzi TAVENGWA (CSE)
Mr. Meow Yu-Ping TONG (CSE)
Mr. Paul Chi-Ho WU (CSE)

Morgen City

About Us

Our team name ‘Morgen City’ combines the German word ‘Morgen’, which means ‘Morning’ in English with the word ‘City’.

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