Welcome to the School of Energy and Environment!

Our School has been undertaking cutting-edge research and providing professional education in energy- and environment-related issues since its formation in July 2009. More than 150 students have gained their MSc degree with us and the first batch of graduates from the four-year BEng program will complete their studies in the coming academic year. This undergraduate degree is the first program of its kind in Hong Kong. Our students study the issues of providing energy to a growing population against the challenges this poses in maintaining the quality of our environment. This balancing act is especially important for Asia, which releases large quantities of carbon dioxide to fuel its economic growth. The development of technologies that can generate clean and sustainable energy as well as studies of the impact on the environment and global climate change from energy use and production are key elements to our research portfolio and pivotal to what we teach.

Limited resources and the threat of climate change are important social and political issues that confront the 21st century. The reliance on fossil fuels needs to be reduced through a wide range of innovative methods of energy production, conversion, transmission and storage. At the same time, we need to develop methods for improved energy efficiency and conservation. Beyond this, we must recognise that legal issues, economic arguments and social acceptance are additionally relevant to a sensible approach to meeting our energy needs. The School is one of the few places in Asia which can provide training on such a wide range of issues under a single roof.

It is an exciting place to be. It has a committed and knowledgeable group of academics who undertake ground breaking research across a wide range of disciplines. Frequent visitors to the school make sure we are not isolated or inward looking and remind us that multidisciplinary approaches are essential. We are dedicated to teaching a fine group of students, who are emerging as a new generation of energy professionals equipped with a broad understanding of environmental issues. Our support staff forms a strong team that ensures everything functions smoothly. In the School of Energy and Environment, you will feel that you are in the right place at the right time. This makes it a pleasure to welcome you.

Prof. Chak K. CHAN
December 2015