Student Exchange Programme

List of Partner Institutions

Institutional Level

The University has established exchange partnerships with institutions in more than 40 countries/regions, please visit Global Services Office (GSO)'s website for the full list:

At the institutional level, exchange places reserved for School of Energy and Environment (SEE) are set out below. Please note that some places reserved at institutional level exchange are to be shared by SEE and other Colleges/ Schools.

The following table contains information from last year as reference only.

The information regarding institutional level student exchange partnership with reserved quota for SEE for 2019/20 (First Round) will be confirmed by GSO in due course. You are advised to check from the latest details on GSO website (student login needed).

Region Institution Semester-long Quota
Australia Western Sydney University 4

1 for ACE student, 1 for SEE student, 1 for SEEM student & 1 for non-ACE/non-SEE/non-SEEM student
Canada Western University 8 (for CB/CLASS/CSE/SCM/SEE students only)

(4 for Sem A & 4 for Sem B) [to be shared with other units]
Germany Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 5 (for Sem B only)

4 for CSE students & 1 for SEE student
Japan Hokkaido University 4 (for Sem B only)

1 for CLASS student, 2 for CSE students & 1 for SEE student
USA The University of Arizona 1 (for CLASS/CSE/SCM/SEE student only) [to be shared with other units]
UK The University of Sheffield 10
(5 for Sem A & 5 for Sem B)

Sem A: 2 for BSocSc Criminology students to study at The School of Law & 3 for non-SEE/non-BSocSc Criminology students

Sem B: 2 for BSocSc Criminology students to study at The School of Law, 2 for SEE students & 1 for non-SEE/non-BSocSc Criminology student
UK University of Leeds 26

Sem A/B: 10 for BBA Global Business students
Sem A: 4 for CSE students & 2 for POL students
Sem B: 2 for POL students, 4 for SEE students & 4 for SLW students
UK University of Liverpool 5
1 for CLASS student, 1 for CSE student, 1 for SCM student, 1 for SEE student & 1 for SLW student

SEE has established partnership with overseas institutions as follows:

School Level

Destination Reserved semester-long places for SEE students
South Korea Ewha Womans University 2
Hanyang University 4
Taiwan University System of Taiwan
Australia and Pacific Region  
Australia University of South Australia 2
France INSA Lyon 4
Germany Leibniz University of Hannover 2
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Müchen 2
University of Bremen 2
United Kingdom University of Exeter 2
Sweden Chalmers University of Technology 2