Student Exchange Programme

General Information of Inbound Exchange (for students coming to CityU)

Greetings from the School of Energy and Environment (SEE), City University of Hong Kong (CityU)!

Please find below the information concerning the exchange programme for students interested in coming to CityU for exchange study.

(A) Application


To undertake exchange studies at CityU, students must satisfy ALL of the following requirements:

  • Have enrolled at one of our partner institutions as a full-time student
  • Meet the minimum academic "good standing" requirement at their home university
  • Meet one of the English requirements if English is NOT the medium of instruction at their home university:
    • TOEFL 79 (internet-based test) or above; OR
    • IELTS 6.5 or above; OR
    • Chinese Mainland's College English Test (CET) Band 6 (total score of 450 at least) or above.
  • Be nominated by their university’s international office or unit concerned.

Application Form and Supporting Documents

1. For undergraduate students:

    Apply through CityU's "Online Departmental Inbound Student Exchange Application System".

2. For postgraduate students:

    Students should submit their scanned applications together with all required documents via email to kong.vivian@cityu.edu.hk.

Student Visa / Entry Permit

Anyone who wants to study at City University of Hong Kong, and does not have the right of abode or the right to land in Hong Kong, must obtain a student visa or entry permit (the latter applies to students who are mainland Chinese) for study issued by the Hong Kong Immigration Department before entering Hong Kong. For details, please refer to the following link of Global Services Office (GSO):

Important Dates (for 2018/19)

Application Period:

Exchange Period Online Application Period
Semester A, 2018/19 (September - December 2018) 8 April - 15 May 2018
Semester B, 2018/19 (January - May 2019) 1 September - 15 October 2018

Provisional Academic Calendar 2018/19: http://www6.cityu.edu.hk/arro/ac_calendar.asp

  Semester A / 1st term: Semester B / 2nd term:
Teaching 3 September – 1 December 2018 14 January– 27 Aprril 2019
Examinations 10  - 22 December 2018 6 – 20 May 2019

(B) Study Plan

Study Load

All exchange students holding a student visa for full-time studies must observe the credit-unit load permitted for full-time exchange students. To fulfill this requirement, exchange students MUST register for at least 12 credit units BUT not more than 18 in a single semester.

Level of Study

Each course has been assigned a "level" to indicate the degree of academic difficulty associated with the course. Undergraduate exchange students are recommended to choose courses at Levels B1, B2, B3 and B4 specified in each course syllabus while postgraduate ones to choose courses at P5 and P6. However, the academic system of CityU may vary from those of exchange students' home universities. When making their study plans, students should seek academic advice from the advisors of their home universities.

List of courses

Inbound Student Exchange Course List


Courses offered by the School in 2017/18
(Remarks: Courses to be offered by the School in 2018/19 will be available in due course)
Course Code Course Title Credit Units Semester A
2017 – 2018
Semester B
2017 – 2018
GE1228 Food Security and Sustainability 3  
GE1301 Climate Change and Extreme Weather 3  
GE1308 Energy: Today and Tomorrow 3  
GE1337 Urban Green City: Pollution and Solution 3  


Introduction to Computing for Energy and Environment



Introduction to Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering



Electromagnetic Principles for Energy Engineers



Chemical Sciences for Energy Engineers



Thermosciences for Energy Conversion I

SEE2201 Introduction to Environmental Engineering 3  
SEE2204 Principles of Sustainability 3  
SEE3001 Energy and Environmental Policy 3  
SEE3002 Energy and Environmental Economics 3  
SEE3101 Engineering Thermofluids II 4  


Power Plant Engineering

SEE3103 Energy Efficiency for Buildings 3  
SEE3104 Sustainable and Renewable Energy 3  
SEE3201 Atmospheric Science – An Introductory Survey 3  
SEE4001 Engineers in Society 3  
SEE4004 Environmental Impact Assessment for Sustainable Development 4  
SEE4112 Energy Systems: Modelling and Analysis 3  
SEE4113 Nanotechnology in Energy Conversion and Storage: Concepts and Creative Science 3  
SEE4114 Bioenergy Engineering: Principles and Applications 3  
SEE4118 Wind and Hydro Power 3  
SEE4119 Electric Energy Conversion 3  
SEE4202 Atmospheric Chemistry 3  
SEE4205 Design of Smart Cities and Sustainable Building 3  
SEE4216 Air Pollution Measurement and Control 3  
SEE4217 Waste and Wastewater Treatment 3  

For post-graduate level courses, please refer to the curriculum of the Master programme here.

(C) Enrolment

Your Identity at CityU

All exchange students must observe the Rules Governing Enrolment of Local and Non-local Students and complete the enrolment procedures at the Academic Regulations and Records Office (ARRO) Service Centre [Service Hours and Map] and obtain your student identity card as soon as you arrive at CityU.

After settling in, you should go to the International and Non-local Students section of the Global Services Office [contact info] to collect a Welcoming Folder in which an Enrolment Notification is included. Please make sure you complete the enrolment procedures by the end of Week 2 of Semester A, Semester B or the Summer Term as specified in our Academic Calendar.

Student Identity Card

The Student Identity Card is a personal identification document at CityU. It is required for access to various facilities on campus including the Library, Hu Fa Kuang Sports Centre and the Computing Services Centre.

Computer Accounts

The unified Electronic Identity (EID) of a student is a unique identifier used by the computer (or by an application running on it) to speedily retrieve information residing on one or more computer systems about a specific student. This unique EID will be reserved solely for that student during his/her studies at CityU. To learn more, please visit the website of Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO).

Activate Electronic Identity (EID)

To get started, you must activate your EID at our e-Portal. For incoming exchange students, please use "EXGB" (for undergraduate students) or “EXGP” (for postgraduate students) as the Programme Code when you activate your EID.

(D) Other University Offices

(E) Contact person at SEE

Miss Vivian Kong
Executive Officer
email:kong.vivian@cityu.edu.hk / Tel: 3442 4426