Servant Leadership Training Programme (SLTP)

City University of Hong Kong (CityU) Student Development Service (SDS) initiated the Servant Leadership Training Programme (SLTP) with the objective of developing a positive attitude and a service-driven mind-set in students. Participants received training in the core principles of servant leadership according Robert Greenleaf that puts ‘others-first’ on everyday practice. 

SLTP provides a platform for them to develop planning, organizational and leadership skills in the service of others and to learn to work with teammates from various academic disciplines and collaborate with people from all walks of lives. 

In the year of 2016-17, over 170 students were recruited and six service teams were formed to deliver services:  

1. Web Maker: Provide webpage design and production services for NGOs and various university programmes;

2. Wellness Transformers: Provide fitness and wellness training for low-income children or disadvantaged groups;

3. Walkie Talkers: Conduct cultural and eco tours for non-local students;

4.Social Walkmen: Explore social issues through community study and action learning;

5. WebXplorers: Serve as mentors to teach deprived children how to use the internet and create a portfolio;

6. Wise Walkers: Provide guidance and mentoring for the children of visual/hearing impairment parents.

To further develop the programme, one more group is going to be formed as:

7.Food Friendsters: Review life stories of the elderly who are receiving food assistance.

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