The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship 2023/2024

With all-rounded educational support, the D. H. Chen Foundation Scholarship thrives to nurture future leaders and foster talent development for the society.

Components of the Scholarship

²  Comprehensive Financial Award to support learning and growth:

     1. Tuition Fee Waiver covering the normative study period on UGC-funded basis;

     2. Overseas Learning Allowance of maximum HK$80,000 for up to two trips; and

     3. Living Allowance* of HK$38,000 subject to proven financial or special education needs.

²  Social Good Initiative and Social Good Fund

²  The D. H. Chen Foundation Scholars Network

²  Mentorship

²  Internship & Other Career Opportunities

²  Award Reception

²  President Roundtable

*Scholar who is eligible for Living Allowance shall not receive any Living Allowance for the period when he/she is on an exchange program/learning trip which he/she has successfully applied for Overseas Learning Allowance.


²  Permanent resident of Hong Kong;

²  Full-time Year 1 undergraduate student of UGC-funded program;

²  A Year GPA of at least 3.5 out of 4.3 with all letter grades of courses taken available;

²  Demonstration of leadership abilities and commitment to make positive social change.

²  Applicants or nominees shall go through an task assessment and attend selection interviews.

If awarded, scholars are required to meet Renewal Requirement annually for continuous entitlement in the Scholarship.

Documents for Application

²  Completed application form

²  A copy of CityU academic report (AIMS version is acceptable), certificate(s) of public exam(s)

²  Valid proof (e.g. letters issued by the activity organization) to demonstrate your leadership abilities and commitment to make positive social change.

 Kindly DOWNLOAD the documents here:




Application Methods and Deadlines

  1. Open-application method: submit an application form with supporting documents to directly by 2 June 2023. Late application or incomplete submission will NOT be considered.

  2. Nomination method: to be nominated by your College/School/Department. The deadline is set by the respective College/School/Department.


1.   The applicants/nominees should provide valid proof (as many as possible) to demonstrate your leadership abilities and commitment to make positive social change at the time of application/nomination.

2.   Shortlisted candidates MUST attend selection interview(s) in person in late June 2023 and late August 2023. Candidates who could not attend the interview in-person will NOT be considered for the Scholarship.

3.   Shortlisted candidates are required to attend the coaching workshops to enhance their writing of personal statement and interviewing skills if invited.


Please email or call 3442 8113 (Ms Minnie Wong).

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