Academic Improvement Awards for Student Leaders

Selection CriteriaAward Amount (HK$)Maximum No. of Awards
The awards shall be offered to current* office-bearers of student societies registered under the City University of Hong Kong Students’ Union who :
have been pursuing a full-time programme in CityU;
have shown the biggest improvement as reflected in their GPA in semester B ascompared with the GPA in semester A in the academic year 2017/18; and such an improvement as reflected should be >0.1;
have achieved a CGPA 2.5 or above by the end of semester B in the academic year 2017/18;
have provided satisfactory track records on their contribution and services for student societies and/or the University.
$5,000@ (an one-off award)10

1*. The “current” status is established if the applicant is a serving and valid office-bearer on the first day of the Semester A in the academic year 2018/19.
2. Applicants may be invited to attend a selection interview which consists of three academic and/or administrative staff of the University.
3. Each award recipient is expected to make an annual donation of at least HK$200 to CityU for student support via "CityU Alumni Giving Club" when they are in employment after graduation. The aim is to nurture and sustain the caring and giving culture in the University. To make a donation, you can visit the website: