The USFHK Sportsman & Sportswoman

Every year, each institute may nominate one outstanding athlete to contend the USFHK Sportsman & Sportswoman award. The Sportsman & Sportswoman of the Year are selected by a Selection Committee.

Previous Results:

2014-2015 Sportswoman Lau Mo Sheung Karatedo2013-2014 Sportswoman Lau Mo Sheung Karatedo2012-2013 Sportswoman Wu Luk Man Karatedo
2007-2008 Sportswoman & Sportsman Wind Chan & Ricco Chan Athletics2004-2005 Sportsman Chung Kwok Leung Swimming2002-2003 Sportswoman Wong Choi Ki Table Tennis & Basketball
2000-2001 Sportswoman Tong Wun Table Tennis1997-1998 Sportsman Lee Chun Kit Squash 1996-1997 Sportswoman Tam Yuek Yu
1991-1992 Sportsman Clement Lee Tennis  
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