EQ & Mental Health Series

Emotionally intelligent people are generally happier, relate better with others, able to stand adversity, flexible and effective in solving problems, and thus enjoy a more successful and fulfilling life. The series of workshops provide opportunities for participants to explore the various components of emotional intelligence and learn ways to enhance their EQ.

Workshops ("Workshop Schedule")

EQ Basics
It is increasingly recognized that success in life is not merely a matter of IQ (Intelligence Quotient) but also of EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient). What is EQ? How to develop EQ? The workshop will help you to develop insights into how to manage your emotions.

Developing Resilience
University life is full of fun, excitement, hurdles, and challenges. Aiming to assist you in optimizing your potential and enhancing your ability to handle adversity, this workshop will show you how you can find constructive ways of dealing with your difficulties and develop skills for managing life challenges.

Dealing with Anxiety
Anxiety is a normal response to stress and may lead to distress when we are unable to cope with it. It is also maintained by cognitive misinterpretation and avoidance of the situations that provoke anxiety response. This workshop will introduce strategies that help you face anxiety efficiently.

Interpretation of Dream
According to guru psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, most of our behavior is subject to unconscious influence. Dream is the “Royal Road to the Unconscious” and thus studying dreams can help us understand our mental state. Come and learn the basic concepts of dream interpretation and explore ways of managing emotions.

No More Delay – Overcoming Procrastination
Do you have a habit of putting things off until the last moments, or beyond the last moments? Probably, most of us have tried to avoid some unpleasant tasks at some time – it is a natural human reaction! However, you may worry if this tendency will gradually develop into a habit and make you feel gloomy, helpless, and guilty. Are you ready to break this habit? If you do, then come and join this workshop. At the end of the workshop, you will have
• Identified the causes of this # habit #
• Understood how this tendency can affect self-perception
• Acquired skills to manage it

Salsa Dancing for Self-appreciation
Today social media promotes an unattainable standard of body figure that often makes us too self-conscious about our looks. BUT dance can let us love our bodies again! Join this workshop to try SALSA, a fun and enjoyable social dance, through which we learn to relax the body, express ourselves freely, and appreciate each other's uniqueness.

Transforming Stress into Strength
Stress is our body’s response to external challenges. Mismanagement of stress drains our energy and damages our body while effective stress management boosts us to be productive and happy. This workshop helps you understand your stress and develop strategies to transform stress into strength.