Scholarship(s) For Student Athletes (for Entry Cohort 2015)

Eligibility and Scholarship Details:

Scholarship Scheme


Scholarship Amount (HK$)

Scholarship(s) for Student Athletes


Student Athletes admitted to the University through Student Athletes Admission Scheme (SAAS) should :

  • meet the general entrance requirements and the specific programme requirements;

  • demonstrate high sports performance standards;

  • be recommended by their secondary schools;

  • be recommended by either a Sports Club, or a National Sports Association, or the Hong Kong Sports Institute.

  • Residence Scholarship

$10,700 in max.

  • Outstanding Athletes Entrance Scholarships   (Note 1)

for up to 15 students

$20,000 /  $40,000 per annum


Note 1    Renewal of Outstanding Athletes Entrance Scholarships will be granted on an annual basis, subject to

               (a)  continued satisfactory academic performance of the recipient (i.e. CGPA at 2.5 or above by the end of
                     Semester B each year); and

              (b)  continued satisfactory sports performance and team contribution as determined by the Physical Education
                     Section of Student Development Services.

The award shall be paid by two equal instalments (i.e. Semester A and B) by offsetting the relevant hall fee / tuition fee directly.  Physical Education Section may reserve the right to withhold the payment for Semester B if the student does not make satisfactory sports performance and team contribution in Semester A of the same year.

Enquiry:  Scholarship Details        3442 7291              Admissions       3442 9094

The University reserves the right to review, modify, revoke, or add to such scholarship regulations when necessary.