City University of Hong Kong


Mainland Alumni Network Exchange Scholarship




To encourage students to undertake exchange study programme in Mainland China.


Scholarship Value and Number of Award

There shall be a maximum of 3  Scholarships of the current academic year and the value of the scholarship shall be HK$12,000.



1.        All full-time UGC-funded local undergraduate students who should have met all the requirement set by the Student Exchange Programme and would go to Mainland China to complete a semester-based Student Exchange Programme.

2.        Recipients should have acquired a minimum overall grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0 or equivalent.  Should the number of eligible students exceeds the quota, preference will be given to those with higher CGPA and/or track record in serving the university community.



1.      Scholarship recipients are  allowed to  receive Student Exchange Fund  frothe University concurrently for the exchange programme.


2.      Scholarship recipients are required to attend a three-hour “Pre-departure Training Session for Scholarship Recipients” which will be held at 2:30 pm on 20 May 2016 (Friday). Scholarships will be withdrawn for students failing to fulfill the requirement unless prior approval has been sought from Student Development Services.


3.     Scholarship recipient are required to submit reports on their exchange study (not less than 800 words each) to SDS within one month upon their  return to Hong Kong.


4.     80% of the scholarship value shall be released when the recipient present the offering letters issued by the Mainland universities. The 20% of the scholarship value shall be paid when the recipient has submitted their reports on exchange study.


5.     The University reserves the right to demand for full or partial refund of the scholarship should any student fails to complete the exchange programme.


6.      Scholarship recipients are obliged to attend the scholarship presentation ceremony as organized by the donor or by the University.


7.      Scholarship recipients are expected to donate at least HK$200 annually to CityU for student support purpose via “CityU Alumni Giving Club” after graduation.


Application Procedure and Deadline

Eligible students should submit their application and upload relevant supporting documents by 12:00 noon, 1 April 2016 (Friday), via the Online Scholarship Application System. Late submission will not be considered.


Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend a selection interview to be held during 20 - 27 April 2016. Candidates failing to attend the selection interview in person will not be considered.



Miss Monsar Chan

Student Development Services

Tel: 3442 8113