Student Development Services Sports Awards





To recognize the achievement of outstanding student athletes, Student Development Services has decided to establish five sports awards by making use of the resources available in the matched donation fund for the academic year 2015/2016 under the following regulations :



1.                The Awards shall be known as  “Student Development Services Sports Awards”

            (         學生發展處運動獎          ).



2.                The value of each award shall be HK$8,000 per annum.



3.                There shall be FIVE awards in maximum to outstanding student athletes who shall meet the following criteria:


·                  demonstrated outstanding sports performance and achievements in local or international competitions;


·                  have proven leadership and sportsmanship in the CityU / School team(s);


·                  obtained satisfactory academic performance.



4.                Nominations shall be made by the coaches of CityU Sports Teams and the winners of the awards will be selected by a selection panel. 




With an objective to nurture our students and to promote caring culture, the Community Relations Committee of the University Council has recommended that each award recipient is expected to make an annual donation of at least HK$200 to City University of Hong Kong for student support via CityU Alumni Giving Club when they are in employment after graduation.  This term will be incorporated into all scholarship/prize/award/bursary schemes, whether they are donated by external donors or contributed by University funding, with effect from February 2008.


SFA001151_24 April 2016