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Welcome to the Psychological Education & Testing menu. This site seeks to offer a practical and useful information on issues related to Use of Psychological Testing Service, Psychological Test/Assessment and SDTLA (The Student Developmental Task and Lifestyle Assessment).

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Psychological Testing Service

Use of Psychological Testing Service


Educational workshops on personal and career development through the use of various psychological assessments will be organized in each semester. A nominal fee, usually in the range of HK$50-70, will be charged for the cost of the assessment tools. Please refer to for details of the workshop schedules and details.


A range of psychological and career assessment tools, tests and workshops are available to help you find out more about yourself and occupations. If you want to undertake any of the tests listed below, please enquire at 3442 8169 or email to

Assessment Tools
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Practice Tests
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Student Development Task and Lifestyle Assessment

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Online Questionnaire
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Debriefing Workshops
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Suggested Developmental Activities
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Policies & Ethical Guidelines

Professional requirements for test users

Tests would only be made available and used ethically (adherence to copyright and licensing rights) by qualified users with appropriate training, competence and experience. All the test administrators of SDS are properly certified.

Security of Tests

Secure storage and access to test materials will be controlled and ensured. In addition, to ensure the integrity of the test, individuals will not be coached on actual test or practice materials.

It is our policy that all documents associated with assessments will only be kept for a year. Thereafter, any unclaimed test reports will be disposed and data kept will be deleted.

Confidentiality and Release of Test Results

Results are treated confidentially. Relevant consents must be obtained from test participants before results are to be released. Names and other personal identifiers must be removed from databases of results that are for research use, development of norms or other statistical purposes.

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