Student Development Services


What to Do in Case of Emergency

In case of emergency situation where your own safety or the safety of others is imminently at risk on campus, call 3442 8888. If it is not in the campus, call 999.

During Office Hours

In other situations where you feel the need to talk to someone urgently or you are experiencing an emotional crisis that must be dealt with immediately, you are urged to visit the reception counter of Student Development Services. Please inform the receptionist that you are experiencing a crisis. One of our counsellors will attend to you as soon as possible.

If you are not the person in crisis but you are concerning about a friend or roommate going through a crisis, please encourage him/her to seek help from us by following the procedures outlined above. Accompany your friend/roommate to SDS as a way of showing your support.


In case of emergency, please encourage the student to come to SDS. If you can, please call ahead to alert our staff that the student is coming and, if possible, inform us of the situation. It may be helpful to escort the student to our Office if the student agrees.

After Office Hours

Should you require immediate emergency assistance after office hours, you can get help from the following options:

1. Emergency Ward of Public Hospital

You may proceed to the Emergency Ward of the nearest hospital. The one nearest to City University of Hong Kong is the
Caritas Medical Centre
111 Wing Hong Street, Shamshuipo, Kowloon
Tel: 3408 7911

2. Crisis Lines

If you feel the need to talk to someone, you may contact any of the following helplines:

The Hongkong Federation of Youth Groups (Youthline)      2777 8899
Mon - Sat: 14:00 - 02:00

24-hour Helpline:

Caritas Family Crisis Support Centre (Crisis Hotline)      18288

Hospital Authority Mental Health Hotline      2466 7350

Suicide Prevention Services      2382 0000

The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong      2389 2222