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Locker Regulations

  1. Locker Allocation:
    • Allon campus regular students regardless of their mode of study or the funding sources of their programmes, except researchpostgraduate students and CCCU students, are eligible to apply for the use of a locker and join the annual lot drawing  for locker allocation. Exchange, visiting and occasional students are not eligible.
    • Each user will be charged an annual non-refundable rental fee of $50 if s/he can secure a locker through the lot drawing  process. Students are not allowed to select locker.
    • A maximum of ONE locker would be allocated to each eligible student.
  2. Use of Lockers:
    • Lockers are not installed with any locks. Students have to prepare their own padlock.
    • For security sake, DO NOT USE Combination lock / Number lock / Magnetic lock / Locks with auto key (samples shown below). Please use a secure padlock.
      Combination lock Number lock Magnetic lock Lock with auto keys       Padlock
    • Students must take full responsibility for the items stored in the lockers. Storage of any items which are of illegal nature, or would cause or be likely to cause a health hazard, security risk, physical danger or a nuisance to the environment or other members of the University (e.g. perishable food, explosives, pets, weapons) is prohibited.
    • Students are advised not to store any money or valuables in their lockers.
    • In case of any loss or damage, students must report to SDS immediately. Students are responsible to pay for the repair if the damages are caused by themselves.
  3. Unauthorized Use of Lockers:
    • Unauthorized use of unoccupied or other people's lockers is strictly forbidden. SDS shall have the authority to open such lockers and dispose of all property found therein without any notice.
  4. Transfer of Lockers:
    • Lockers are not transferable. Students who wish to change the location of their lockers must make a request in person at SDS with sufficient justifications.
  5. Completion/Withdrawal/Termination of Studies:
    • Students who graduate, withdraw from studies or whose studies are terminated must clear their lockers by the last day. SDS shall have the authority to open such lockers and dispose of all property found therein without further notice.
  6. Clearance and Return of Lockers:
    • Locker clearance exercise will be conducted annually in summer (early August).Users must clear their lockers and remove their padlocks by 31 July of that academic year. After this date, SDS shall have the authority to open such lockers and dispose of all property found therein without further notice.  
  7. Forcible Opening of Lockers:
    • SDS shall have the authority, without notifying users in advance, to open any locker in case of situations arising from any  unauthorised use, any uncleared lockers upon expired period of use/graduation/termination/withdrawal, any violation of the locker regulations, or any other emergencies.
  8. Lockers are properties of the University. Students are not allowed to make any alterations to lockers. The University reserves the right to relocate lockers.
  9. Any violation of the locker regulations by the users may result in termination of the use of lockers and shall be reported to the Student Discipline Committee.
  10. The University shall not be liable in any circumstances for any loss or damage of property stored in any locker. The University shall in no circumstances be responsible for the safekeeping of any items found in the lockers and any loss or damage in connection therewith.
  11. In the event that the University incurs liability to any third party as the result of:
    (a) the use of the lockers by the users;
    (b) any breach or non-observance of these regulations by the users; or
    (c) any disposal by the University of the property found in the lockers in accordance with these regulations; the University shall be entitled to be fully indemnified by the users against the liability.

Important Announcement  for CCCU students:
CCCU students are not eligible for applying student lockers from the Academic year 17/18.  For enquiries, please approach CCCU office.

Phone +(852)3442-8012