CityU Financial Assistance Scheme





Supplementing the Government Financial Assistance Scheme, the CityU Financial Assistance Scheme offers bursaries and/or interest-free loans to assist full-time local undergraduate students* who face financial hardship or whose financial needs are inadequately met by the Government Grants and/or Loans. These awards are donated by private organizations and individuals and are allocated primarily on the basis of financial need. In some circumstances, the students' field of studies and academic performance may also be considered as governed by regulations. Needy students should submit the completed application forms accordingly.

Each year, different rounds of applications may be invited, subject to the availability of bursary / loan fund.  Needy students are encouraged to make prior appointment to meet officers of Student Finance Team at Student Development Services for financial advice.


(* Please note that the available bursaries/loans are mainly to assist full-time local undergraduate students studying government-funded programmes.)


2020/21 Application Period (2nd Round Application)



Full-time local undergraduate students who have genuine financial need are eligible to submit applications.

UGC-funded local associate degree students who have genuine financial need and have achieved a CGPA of 2.7 or above may apply for Swire Bursaries through this scheme.



Value of the bursary / loan 


Range HK$8,000 - HK$40,000, depending on the financial needs of the applicants.


Application Deadline
5:00 p.m., 5 February 2021 (Friday)

Applicants are required to submit their applications together with the required supporting documents via the Online Financial Assistance Application System by the deadline.  You are allowed to upload ONE file for each type of required document.  The system will be closed automatically by the application deadline.  Incomplete and late application will not be considered.


Please read through the “Guidance Notes”, "Checklist of Supporting Documents" and "Important Notes for Submission of Applications" before submitting your application. 


Please click HERE to login the Online Financial Assistance Application System.  *(Application System will open at 9 a.m. on 11 January 2021)



Release of 2020/21 Result


Application result will be released via email by batches starting from mid-March 2021.




Bursaries and Loans available for 2020/21 Academic Year


Emergency Bursaries

-    CityU Emergency Bursary

-    Emergency Bursaries for CENG Students

-    Emergency Bursaries for CSCI Students

-    Emergency Bursaries for EE Students

 -   Jennifer and Haywood Cheung Emergency Fund for Non-local Students

-    Lo Kwee Seong Foundation Emergency Bursary Fund

-    Mr. Chan Tai Ho Bursaries

-    Pong Ding Yuen Emergency Bursaries

 -   Promising Prospect Emergency Bursary for ACE Students

-    Student Dental Relief Fund

 -   Student Medical Relief Fund

 -   Thanksgiving Bursaries

-    The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Emergency Bursaries

-    The Croucher Foundation Fund for Students with Emergency Needs



-    Apple Daily Bursaries

-    Bank of China (Hong Kong) Bursaries

-    Chan Feng Men-ling & Chan Shuk-lin Bursaries

-    Chau & Chau Bursary

-    Chu Wong Yim Fong Charitable Foundation Bursary

-    City Lions Club of Hong Kong Bursary

-    Convocation Bursary

-    DELONG Bursaries

-    Danny YUNG & Sita SU Bursary

-    Dr. Cheung Ying Yau and Mrs. Cheung Chan Suet Kuen Bursary

-    Ella Cheong Bursary

-    Escher P.Y. Leung Bursaries

-    Hong Kong CU Movement Charity Fund Limited

-    Hong Kong Housing Society Award – Bursary

-    Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants Bursaries

-    Hsin Chong - KN Godfrey Yeh Education Fund Bursaries

-    Jacky Sun and Kody Sun Bursaries

-    Joseph Lau Bursaries

-    Joyce M Kuok Foundation Bursaries

-    Luen Fung Bursary

-    Microware Bursary

-    Miku and Melvin Bursary

-    Miss Leung Pui Han Scholarship Fund

-    Mr. & Mrs. David T.F. Chow Bursaries

-    Mr. & Mrs. Sam WOO Bursary

-    Mr. Tsim Yue Kui Memorial Bursaries

-    Or Sik Ling Family Bursaries

-    Pang Miu Ping & Yeung Lan Bursary Scheme

-    Promising Prospect Bursaries

-    Promising Prospect Bursaries for ACE Students

-    Providence Foundation Bursaries

-    Richard Poon Bursary

-    Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island East - William Ling Memorial Bursary

-    Swire Bursaries

-    The Hong Kong Shin Yat Tong Moral Association Bursaries

-    Tsim Sha Tsui District Kai Fong Welfare Association Bursary Fund



-    Emergency Loan for tuition fees

-    Hong Kong Rotary Club Students' Loan Fund

-    Sing Tao Charitable Foundation Students' Loan Fund

 -   Temporary Student Loan for outbound exchange

-    Winsor Education Foundation Loan


Further information is available at Student Development Services or under the Catalogue of Scholarship and Financial Aid on AIMS.