CityU Emergency Fund


Local full-time students with unforeseen financial hardship caused by death, unemployment or hospitalization may apply for CityU Emergency Fund on need basis at any time throughout the year. Prior appointment in person or by phone should be made at SDS Counter.

Emergency Fund available in 2022/23 Academic Year :

- CB Emergency Bursary (for CB Students Only)
CityU Emergency Bursary
- Emergency Bursaries for CENG Students (for CENG Students Only)
- Emergency Bursaries for CSCI Students (for CSCI Students Only)
- Emergency Bursaries for EE Students (for EE Students Only)
- Lo Kwee Seong Foundation Emergency Bursary Fund
- Mr. Chan Tai Ho Bursaries
- Pong Ding Yuen Emergency Bursary (for SCM Students Only)
- Promising Prospect Emergency Bursary for ACE Students
- Student Dental Relief Fund
- Student Medical Relief Fund
- The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Emergency Bursaries (for CLASS Students Only)
- The Croucher Foundation Fund for Students with Emergency Needs

Further information is available under the Catalogue of Scholarship and Financial Aid on AIMS.