ITF - University-Industry Collaboration Programme (UICP)

UICP aims to stimulate private sector interest in R&D through leveraging the knowledge and resources of universities. The emphasis is on close collaboration between private companies and universities in Hong Kong. Cash contribution from the participating company is required. ITC accepts applications throughout the year.

UICP Schemes

There are three schemes under this programme:

(1) Matching Grant for Joint Research

ThemeThe Scheme aims to foster private companies to collaborate with universities in proprietary R&D projects. Projects that focus on routine applications of existing technologies or on the provision of bureau services will not be funded. Substantial contribution to a project is expected from the university. The university's researchers should be the core project team members and should conduct a major part of the R&D work of the project.
Max. project duration 36 months
Industry contribution No less than 50% of the project cost in cash

(2) Teaching Company Scheme

ThemeThe Scheme aims to foster university-industry partnership by supporting local companies to take on graduate students from local universities to assist in proprietary R&D work. Graduate student(s) will be placed in the participating company to undertake research on a specific issue for a period of no more than two years. The university will provide teaching guidance for the student(s) in handling the project.
Max. project duration 36 months
Funding ceiling $270,000 ($7,500 per month), half of the studentship support
Industry contribution Half of the studentship support

(3) Industrial Research Chair Scheme

ThemeThe Scheme aims to assist universities and industry to develop research efforts in the natural science or engineering fields that respond to industrial needs and not yet developed in Hong Kong but for which there is good development potential in the longer term. A distinguished researcher in the university will be invited to be the chair holder to lead the project for a finite duration.
Max. project duration 36 months
Industry contribution No less than 50% of the project cost in cash

Applications can be submitted throughout the year.

Cash Rebate for Company Sponsors of ITF Projects
Company sponsors will receive a cash rebate equivalent to 40% of its expenditure in the funded ITF projects. Details of the ITC Cash Rebate Scheme is available at the ITC website:

Submission of Application
Applications should be submitted electronically by CityU through the ITCFAS at the ITF website:
Please also forward the hardcopy application with Head’s endorsement form to RO.

Institutional Endorsement Form
Assessment Framework
Guide to ITF-UICP and Addendum
Sample Application Form
Please include the following budget items in each application:
  1. auditing fees ($8,000/per year for total project cost less than 1 million, $14,000/per year for total project cost between $1 million and $5 million, $20,000/per year for total project cost more than $5 million), and
  2. administrative overhead charge (15% of total project cost).

Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)
Under the new policy, flexibility is given for the participating company and the university to negotiate and mutually agree on the IP arrangements. CityU will contact the participating company before proposal submission for negotiation on IPR ownership and benefit sharing between both parties.

Ms Pat Lam (tel: 3442 6278, email:
Ms Laurel Xiao (tel: 3442 4014, email:
Miss Evan Mak (tel: 3442 6291, email:

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