ITF - Midstream Research Programme for Universities (MRP)

The MRP is a dedicated programme to encourage universities to conduct more midstream research. It also aims to foster more collaborative efforts among local and overseas universities and research institutions. Industry sponsorship is not mandatory under the MRP.

Research Theme Elderly Health & Care
R&D projects that may enhance the well-being of elderlies will be the focal point, particularly those that are related to preventing, diagnosing or treating dementia or those that facilitate quality care for dementia patients.
Types of projects & Funding ceiling Standalone Projects:
The maximum funding support for standalone projects is HK$5 million per project.

Collaboration Projects involving multiple disciplines or research institutions:
The maximum funding for collaboration projects is HK$10 million per project. A co-applicant can be a different unit of the same university, or a different local/non-local university/research institution.
Max. project duration 36 months
Industry sponsorship Not mandatory
IP rights and benefit sharing - IP rights generated from the project should be vested with the lead applicant (i.e. CityU)
- All the IP benefit sharing and related arrangement must be agreed before the commencement of the project and set out in the project proposal
- It is required to disseminate the project deliverables and promote technology transfer to the industry through workshops, seminars, licensing or consultancy, etc.
- It is expected to generate income where appropriate by charging fees for project deliverables so as to recoup at least part of the project cost.

Internal Deadline: 20 March 2017
ITC Deadline:
31 March 2017

Cash Rebate for Company Sponsors of ITF Projects
Company sponsors will receive a cash rebate equivalent to 40% of its expenditure (cash and in-kind contributions) in the funded ITF projects.  Details of the ITC Cash Rebate Scheme is available at the ITC website:

Submission of Application

Applications should be submitted either:

a. electronically through the ITCFAS II at the ITF website:  or
b. by hardcopy (with an electronic copy in MS WORD 2010 or above) to RO (email:
Please also send the completed Endorsement form to RO via Head and Dean.

Application documentation:


Please include the following budget items in each application:
1)   External audit fees: $14,000/year for total project cost between $1M and $5M, and $20,000/year for a project costing more than $5M.
2)   Administrative overheads (15% of MPR funding requested, net of overheads).

Relevant link:

ITC website: