LSCM Projects funded by ITF

Hong Kong R&D Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management Enabling Technologies (LSCM R&D Centre) is established with funding support from the Innovation and Technology Commission of the HK SAR Government. The Centre focuses on the following R&D areas:

  • Infrastructure Information Technology System
  • Internet-of-Things (IoT) and RFID Technology
  • Location-based Service (LBS) Technology
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Analytics and Applications
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Financial Services & e-Commerce Technology

Programmes for applications

Platform Research Programme - All platform projects require industry sponsorship from at least one private sector company which covers at least 10% of the total project cost. The companies should not be related to the lead applicant by ownership or management. Sponsorship can be in the form of cash, in-kind contributions, or a combination of the two.

Waiver of industry sponsorship requirement for Platform Research Projects
The ITC may consider waiving the sponsorship requirement for projects initiated by Government bureaux/departments and statutory bodies#. Applicants who wish to apply for the waiver should include the following information in the proposal:
  • a clear indication of the application for waiver of industry sponsorship requirement
  • justification and supporting information showing there are difficulties in seeking industry sponsorship in the prevailing circumstances and the proposed project has clear community interests
  • a letter of support from the relevant bureau/department or statutory body#
# ‘statutory bodies’ do not include local universities, R&D Centres and other designated public research institutes under the ITSP.

Collaborative Research Programme - For collaborative projects, the industry co-applicant should cover no less than 30% of the total project cost during the project period.  Industry co-applicants can be one of the following; a private sector company incorporated in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 32), an industry support organisation, a trade and industry association, or a professional body with the capacity to enter into contracts.  The IP rights generated during the project may be owned by the industry co-applicant if it has contributed more than 50% of the total project cost during the project period.  Collaborative Research Programme applications are accepted throughout the year.

Cash Rebate for Company Sponsors of ITF projects

Company sponsors will receive a cash rebate equivalent to 40% of its expenditure (cash and in-kind contributions) in the funded ITF projects. Details of the ITC Cash Rebate Scheme is available at the ITC website:

Application & Submission

Internal Deadline:21 April 2017
LSCM Deadline: 28 April 2017 (5:00pm HK time)
Applications should be submitted either:
a. electronically through the ITCFAS at the ITF website:; or
b. by hardcopy (with an electronic copy in MS WORD 2003 or above)

University’s endorsement is required for each application.  Please forward the completed application (in both hard and soft copies) with the signed endorsement form to RO (email:

Application documentation:
- Please include a budget for the auditing fees and an administrative overhead (Platform: 15% of the ITF funding requested, net of admin overheads; Collaborative: 15% of the total project cost).

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