ITC Cash Rebate Scheme for Company Sponsors of ITF and Contract Research Projects:

To reinforce the research culture among business enterprises and encourage them to establish stronger partnership with designated local public research institutions, the ITC has launched an Research and Development (R & D) Cash Rebate Scheme, to enable a company to receive a cash rebate equivalent to 40% of its cash and in kind sponsorships to Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF projects) and projects funded entirely by the companies and conducted by the designated local research institutions e.g. CityU.

  ITF Projects Contract Research Projects
(Partnership Projects)
Pre-registration Not required Required

Pre-registration should be made before or within one month after the project commencement.

Pre-registration form:
Application for Cash Rebate Application has to be submitted by the company concerned.

Application guide:

Application forms:
Deadline for Cash Rebate Before or within 2 years after the acceptance of the final audited account. Within 2 years after the completion of the project.

Details of the ITC R & D Cash Rebate Scheme is available at the ITC website: 

RO enquiries:

ITF Projects: Ms Pat Lam (34426278 or email:
Contract Research Projects: Ms Cecilia Sun (34426832 or email:; Ms Pat Lam (34426278 or email: