Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF)

The Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) has been set up by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The purpose is to provide funding support for educational, research, technology demonstration and other projects and activities in relation to environmental and conservation matters, as well as community waste recovery projects.

A.    Environmental Research, Technology Demonstration and Conference ProjectsCityU internal deadline: 24 April 2017

Priority Research Areas (for April 2016 to March 2018)

[with some potential research topics for illustrative purposes]

(a) Climate Change - Adaptation and Mitigation
[e.g. co-benefits of air pollution and climate change mitigation; energy efficiency, energy audit and use of low carbon energy; green transport technologies such as electric vehicle; turning waste to energy technologies; carbon emissions measurement, reporting, benchmarking and disclosure; ecosystem and wildlife adaptation; etc.]
(b) Biodiversity, Conservation, and Geo Conservation
[e.g. taxonomic studies of native species; ecological monitoring studies; impacts of and control on invasive alien species, biology and ecology of native species; ecosystem services, vulnerability of biodiversity to climate change; Geopark-related science popularisation methods; etc.]
(c) Waste Reduction and Recycling
[e.g. technology in handling food waste in urban setting; studies on how Government support for waste reduction and recycling would be effective and successful; etc.]
(d) Air Quality
[e.g. air quality and public health; air quality and exposure in the urban environment; air quality and economic studies; regional air quality in Hong Kong - Pearl River Delta; air quality and key pollution sources and atmospheric processes (land and marine transport included); secondary air pollutants; community air monitoring in the urban environment; etc.]
(e) Water Quality
[e.g. water quality and public health; regional water quality - Pearl River Delta; waste water treatment technology; marine refuse; marine ecology; etc.]
(f) Construction Noise - Prevention and Mitigation
[e.g. mobile noise barriers; quieter construction equipment; quieter methods for general construction and building demolition works; domestic renovation noise reduction; etc.]

[Note: the above priority themes aim to be indicative and applications for research projects outside the scope of priority research themes would still be considered on individual merits]

Proposed projects should contribute to the overall environment of Hong Kong, or raise environmental awareness of the local community, or mobilize the community to take action to improve the environment. The benefits of a proposed project must accrue to the local community as a whole, and not just to individuals, a single private organization or a consortium of private companies. Projects also must be non-profit making in nature.

B.    Environmental Education and Community Action (EE&CA) Projects (Demonstration Projects) - CityU internal deadline: 18 May 2017

All EE&CA Demonstration Projects should target at enhancing the environmental awareness and knowledge of the participants through demonstration of environmental facilities, mobilizing actions and inducing behavioral changes to improve the environmental problems, with positive impact on the environment and measureable and tangible outcomes against objectives set for the projects. 

As required by the ECF Secretariat, all grant applications MUST be submitted via Institution and Applicants are STRONGLY ADVISED to read the Application Guide before preparing the application. [Please forward the application Form (a signed hardcopy and a softcopy in MS WORD format to rose@cityu.edu.hk) with CityU Endorsement Form, to RO for submission arrangements on or before the CityU internal deadline.]

·     Applicant’s Eligibility [MUST READ]

·     GUIDE to Environmental Research, Technology Demonstration and Conference Projects

·     Application Form - Environmental Research, Technology Demonstration and Conference Projects

·     GUIDE to Environmental Education and Community Action (EE&CA) Projects (Demonstration Projects)

·     Application Form - Environmental Education and Community Action (EE&CA) Projects (Demonstration Projects)

·     CityU Endorsement Form (for CityU internal use only)

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