HKUST-MIT Research Alliance Consortium (Biomedical Systems)

The HKUST-MIT Alliance Consortium aims to build the network and mechanism required for R&D collaboration between world class universities and technology companies to bolster the global innovation with emphasis on intelligent living technology. The Consortium is now inviting initial applications for “Biomedical Systems”.

Call for Proposal by Consortium [Must Read]

The application is open to the faculty members in the Hong Kong tertiary systems and MIT (with a HK university partner). 

The application process is divided into two phases. Applicants are required to submit pre-proposals at this stage and the shortlisted applicants will be invited to submit full proposals to ITC for Tier 2 Platform Research.  Industrial sponsorships will be pre-matched from the industrial partners in the consortium. The proposal duration is 2 years with a renewal for 2 more years subject to ITC approval. It is anticipated that the projects will be funded at HK$3.5M to HK$5M per year. MIT budget must be less than 50% of the total budget.  Annual funding for the project should be requested for the required resources to meet the proposal goals.

Selection Criteria

The pre-proposal will be evaluated based on the following five criteria by local and international experts from academia and the sponsoring companies selected by the University Advisory Board (UAB) and Executive Advisory Board (EAB) of the Consortium.

  • Overall scientific, innovation and technical merit
  • Capabilities of proposed investigators
  • Research goals that demonstrate useful outcomes during the project period with commercial impact in 5-10 years
  • Financial considerations
  • Collaboration among sister universities and MIT

Application & Submission

Interested applicants are requested to state your intent to submit a proposal by sending an email with the proposal title and a single paragraph abstract to by 13 October 2017. Please copy the email to RO at

Submission of pre-proposals:

Please submit a hard copy of the pre-proposal with the signed endorsement form to RO and email a soft copy (in MS Word format) of the application to

CityU internal deadline: 2 November 2017

Consortium deadline: 7 November 2017

Ms Pat Lam, tel: 34426278 and email:
Ms Laurel Xiao, tel: 34424014 and email:
Ms Evan Mak, tel: 3442 6291 and email:

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