Croucher Sponsorship of Conferences, Workshops and Symposia

The scheme aims to provide financial support for organization of conferences or seminars in the fields of natural science, technology or medicine, which are of direct benefit to Hong Kong. Conferences/seminars on scientific topics with a research emphasis and with inter-institutional collaboration will be favorably considered. Events should be held in Hong Kong and the financial support for each supported application is usually no more than HK$100,000. Application results are expected to be announced in May 2018.

Internal deadline: 15 December 2017

Institutional Quota : 4

Submission of Applications

[Please forward the application together with the signed Institutional Endorsement Form via Head and Dean/Line Manager to RO for arrangement of internal shortlisting and institutional endorsement.]

- Internal circular

- Notes for applicants (MUST READ)

- Institutional Endorsement Form (for CityU internal use only)

Conference period:

Conferences/events to be held from October 2018 to September 2019

Application form:

There are no application forms, but each application must not exceed two sides of A-4 in length without any attachments.Each application should include a scientific description of the conference and its significance to Hong Kong, with the dates of the event, a general description of the types of participants expected, and an itemized budget. The names of the local organizers and their institutions should be indicated. A joint event with the promise of inviting peer participants from other universities in Hong Kong will add to the strength of an application. If applicable, other possible sponsors to the same event should also be identified.

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