General Research Fund (GRF) and Early Career Schemes (ECS)

The grants are allocated by the Research Grants Council (RGC) in response to competitive bids from UGC institutions. Proposals are considered by the subject panel of the RGC based on academic quality; institutional commitment; contribution to academic/professional development; potential for social, cultural or economic application; and availability of, and potential for, non-RGC funding.

For more information on the GRF and ECS Schemes; Explanatory Notes and References, please proceed to the RGC’s website:

GRF section:

ECS section:

CityU Internal Deadline: 30 October 2017

[All applications MUST be submitted via the RGC Electronic System and please send the CityU Endorsement Form with Anti-plagiarism scanning summary report separately to RO by the stipulated deadline]

RGC website: