Call for Preliminary Proposal - CAS-Croucher Funding Scheme for Joint Laboratories

The Scheme aims to encourage researchers in Hong Kong universities and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) research institutes to work together on highly specific topics with the intention, in the longer term, to establish a Joint Laboratory through first-hand experiences working together on a joint project.  The Foundation is now calling for the preliminary proposals and the institutional quota is three, only the proposals shortlisted by Croucher will be invited to submit full grant proposals.

Full-time academic staff who are not holding an ongoing project under the CAS-Croucher Funding Scheme for Joint Laboratories.  The CAS partner should be a full time researcher within a CAS institute and is not holding an ongoing project under the CAS-Croucher Funding Scheme for Joint Laboratories.

Internal Deadline:  18 December 2017

Institutional Quota: 3

Submission of Applications:

[Applications must be submitted online at the Croucher Foundation's website at also submit, by the internal deadline, the signed Institutional Endorsement Form via Head and Dean/Line Manager to RO for arrangement of internal shortlisting and institutional endorsement.]

Croucher online system:
(Note: The online system will open on 16 November 2017 at 9:00am for application) 

There are two components for preliminary applications, i.e. project summary and the expression of interest paper. Applicants are required to upload these documents online. There is no standard template for the project summary and the expression of interest paper, but the following items must be included:

(1)   Project Summary (No more than two pages in English on A-4 papers)
It should include the topic and scientific information rationalizing the merits of the project, and names, ranks and institutional contact details of Principal Investigators from both sides.

(2)   Expression of Interest Paper (No more two pages of A-4 papers)
[Applicants who have already formed Joint Laboratories formally accredited by the CAS are not necessary to submit the Expression of Interest Paper]

- It is important for assessors to determine whether pre-requisite conditions exist for the potential establishment of a Joint Laboratory as an outcome of the proposed project.

- It should be jointly signed by both Principal Investigators from CityU and CAS institute.

- The following items should be included, in the order specified, with each item presented in separate lines or paragraphs:

a.      The full name of the relevant CAS Institute and the name of the department of the relevant university in Hong Kong. Relevant full postal addresses, direct telephone numbers and institutional website access (if available) should also be included; 

b.      The names and titles of the principal scientists intending to form the Joint Laboratory, their position (in the CAS or the university concerned), with telephone numbers and e-mail address, personal websites if applicable; CVs should NOT be presented; 

c.       Scientific background of the two laboratories or teams involved in the project:


a statement preferably in less than 200 words describing complementary factors within the relevant unit in the Hong Kong university and the CAS Research Institute which point in the longer term towards the establishment of a Joint Laboratory, and such factors might include facilities, equipment, specific research expertise and/or access to research materials and resources;


details of any existing joint project, formal activity or programme between the two co-applicants from Hong Kong and CAS.

- Internal circular
- Notes for applicants [must read]
- Institutional Endorsement Form

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