Built Heritage Conservation Fund (BHCF)

The Built Heritage Conservation Fund (BHCF) was established in 2016 with $500 million earmarked to implement the recommendations of the Antiquities Advisory Board pursuant to its policy review on the conservation of built heritage.

The aim of BHCF is to provide subsidies for public education, community involvement and publicity activities and academic research apart from covering certain existing government initiatives and activities on built heritage conservation. Faculties from all UGC-funded universities are invited to submit funding applications and the amount of each grant is up to HK$2 million with duration up to two years.

Applicants should refer to the Guidance Notes on Research Theme and Priority Areas which will be accorded higher funding priorities in the current exercise.

Intent to submit: 18 April 2017 (by email to roger@cityu.edu.hk )

Internal Deadline for Applications: 4 May 2017
(Late applications may not be processed)

[Applications must be submitted in both hardcopy and softcopy (application form in MS Word format and attachment in pdf) to RO at rose@cityu.edu.hk . The Institutional Endorsement Form is also required for institutional endorsement and submission arrangements.]

Briefing for Prospective Applicants Workshop is to be held on 6 March 2017 at 3pm in the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre Kowloon Park, TST. Interested applicants please forward your Name and Department/Unit to RO at roger@cityu.edu.hk by noon 27 February 2017 as prior registration is required.

Relevant Website: Advisory Committee on Built Heritage’s Conservation