Croucher Advanced Study Institute (ASI)

ASIs aim to enhance the dissemination of knowledge and formation of international scientific contacts by providing financial support for organization of high-level teaching activities in any scientific discipline or technology. Lectures and teaching activities in ASIs should be made in tutorial form. ASI must be a standalone event with duration of about 3 working days to give adequate time for the development of a topic and allow for sufficient interaction between scientists. An ASI is primarily aimed at established "senior" scientists and should not be primarily targeted at postgraduate students.  The financial support for each supported application is usually no more than HK$600,000. The Croucher Foundation accepts applications once a year and application results are usually announced in mid-April next year.

Internal deadline: 17 November 2017

Institutional Quota : 2

Submission of Applications

[Applications must be submitted electronically via the Croucher Foundation online application system at also submit, by the internal deadline, the signed Institutional Endorsement Form to RO for arrangement of internal shortlisting and institutional endorsement.]

- Internal circular

- Notes for ASI applicants(MUST READ)

-  The Croucher Foundation Online Application System at

- Institutional Endorsement Form (for CityU internal use only)

Enquiries: Ms Karen Wan (Tel: 34426266; email:

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