University-wide Web Redesign Project

The University-wide Web Redesign Project is the first ever wide-scale project to revamp all the colleges', schools', departments' and administrative units' websites under the City University of Hong Kong. It aims to improve the brand image, web usability, user experience, information architecture and online presence of the University websites.

In 2011, the University revamped over 100 top-level websites, consisting of hundreds of thousands of web pages, to follow modern responsive web design, allowing all our websites to be mobile-friendly as well as improving usability, SEO, and web accessibility.

Since January 2012, every top-level University websites must use the web templates provided by this project.

Who Should Use the Web Templates

Compulsory for all top-level websites of colleges and schools, academic departments, research centres, and administrative and academic support units. To get started, please visit our Web Templates page.

Optional for sub-sites and event websites, including but not limited to, sub-divisions, projects, information and service websites. For those not using templates or heavily customizing templates, please read our guidelines for Sub-sites and Event Websites.

Prohibited for any non-university websites, personal websites, student organizations, any websites in connection with an outside organization or commercial enterprises, or may carry a potential for financial, legal or reputational risk to the University. For more information, please refer to the University Policy and Guidelines for the Use of the University's Name, Visual Identity and Trade Marks.