Web Redesign Project

In 2011, the University took a major step in unifying the layout of many of the University’s websites, which enhanced the web navigation experience. After six years, however, the current website design and content structure are getting old, do not fully reflect our achievements, and cannot address our current information and branding needs. To ensure our website remains at the cutting edge, befitting a leading global university, there is a need to redesign the website.

Why Redesign?

The CityU website is the single most important interface between the University, its stakeholders, and the world. The current website has been in service for many years without major changes. There have been many ad hoc changes here and there, resulting in inconsistency in style, and fragmented and duplicated content in various sites.

Meanwhile, our institutional identity, web technology and user behaviour have changed significantly. The gaps between user expectations and what the current website delivers have widened, resulting in a deteriorating user experience. In fact, our problems are not unique; many universities around the world have completely redesigned their websites in recent years.

To ensure the CityU website remains at the cutting edge, befitting a leading global university, there is a need to redesign our University website.

Task Group Members

The University has set up the University Web Redesign Task Group, chaired by the Vice-President (Development and External Relations) to drive the University website redesign project to achieve its strategic goals of delivering a consistent and effective branding message to further reinforce our strong brand image, providing an enhanced and efficient web navigation experience, and ensuring an interactive and responsive experience adapted to multiple platforms. The Task Group will help shortlist and recommend suitable contractors to the University. Once the project is kicked off, the project team will consult with the various stakeholders.


Professor Matthew LEE Vice-President (Development & External Relations)


Professor Horace IP Vice-President (Student Affairs)

Professor Christian WAGNER Chief Information Officer

Professor Richard ALLEN Dean (School of Creative Media)

Professor Hong YAN Acting Dean (College of Engineering)

Professor Julie LI Head (Department of Marketing)

Professor Richard YUEN Director of Communications and Public Relations

Ms Pauline CHAN Special Assistant and Manager (External Community), OP

Ms Millie MARK Director of Administration, College of Business


Mr Adams CHAN Acting Director, CSC

Ms Shirley LAM Associate Director (Development Services), OVPDE

Scope of Work

The scope of the project is initially confined to the main university website. New web design guidelines for lower level subsites (for example, departments) will also be developed.

The Office of the Chief Information Officer will implement a web content management (WCM) platform to manage the websites. All departments and offices are strongly recommended to migrate their content to this university-wide WCM in the future to benefit from its underlying compliance with modern web technologies, search engine optimization, accessibility standards, etc.

Details of the implementation will be announced in due course.

Project Schedule

  • Event Title 1 April 2017
    Request for Proposals
  • Event Title 1 May 2017
    Award of Contract
  • Event Title 1 June 2017
    Content analysis & review, and business users interview for content lifecycle
  • Event Title 1 July 2017
    Develop sitemap, click-flow diagrams, and multiple options of navigation interface and layout designs by wireframing for different types of websites, based on user analysis reports and various content types
  • Event Title 1 Aug 2017
    Provide multiple colour mock-ups for university approval
  • Event Title 15 Aug 2017
    Functional prototypes with content placeholders
  • Event Title 1 Oct 2017
    Content migration, Web Content Management platform development, configurations and implementation, including user access rights and publishing workflow
  • Event Title 1 Nov 2017
    Production of online web style guidelines for departments
  • Event Title 1 Dec 2017
    Deployment of the new CityU website

Existing Guidelines

Before completion of the new web template, all departments and offices are required to continue following the existing website template guidelines. This will facilitate future content migration from old design to the new design in 2019.

For further details, departments are advised to contact:
Mr. Adams Chan, Acting Director
Computing Services Centre

Ms. Shirley Lam, Associate Director (Development Services)
Office of the Vice-President (Development & External Relations)