Internal Quality Audit of Academic Units

The University has had an Internal Quality Audit scheme in operation since 1995. On behalf of the University Senate, the Quality Assurance Committee is responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring the scheme. The first round of audits was conducted during 1995/96 and the second in 2000/02.

To safeguard and promote the quality of UGC-funded institutions and their activities, the Quality Assurance Council under the University Grants Committee (UGC) conducts periodic reviews of academic institutions in Hong Kong. The first review cycle was undertaken from 2008 to 2011. The second audit cycle will be carried out over a two-year period starting 2015.

As part of CityU's preparation for the UGC’s academic quality audit in 2016, the University will conduct an internal review in June 2015, the outcome of which will form the basis of the Institutional Submission to UGC in December 2015. The internal quality audit intends to be a "dry-run" of the Audit, which covers all aspects of the UGC academic quality audit, in particular the focus on promoting the enhancement of teaching and learning and the development of section-wide improvements in the value, provision and application of higher education.

Academic audit is a collaborative peer review exercise and is designed to support the University in a process of self-reflection. It gives us the opportunity to highlight aspects of our teaching and learning provision in which we excel, and of which we are justifiably proud. At the same time, audit allows us to identify areas in which we might usefully make adjustments to improve and enhance the quality of student learning.

Internal Quality Audit (June 2015)
Internal Quality Audit (June 2009)
Internal Quality Audit (2000/02)
Internal Quality Audit (1995/96)