UGC Academic Quality Audit 2010

The UGC set up a Quality Assurance Council (QAC) in April 2007 to provide third-party oversight of the quality of Universities’ educational provision, in light of the institutional expansion of activities and a growing public interest in quality issues. The main objective of UGC Academic Quality Audit is to assure the quality of student learning of the University. It is intended to assure the UGC and the public that the University delivers on promises it makes in regard to educational objectives. It is therefore an audit of the University’s Fitness for Purpose in teaching and learning. The audit examines whether:

  • the University has procedures in place appropriate for its stated purposes;
  • it pursues activities and applies resources to achieve those purposes;
  • there is evidence to show that the purposes are being achieved; and
  • the University has processes in place for improvement.

UGC Audit Report (English)(Chinese)
Institutional Response to Audit Findings (English)(Chinese)
Progress Report (English)(Chinese)
Press Release (English)(Chinese)
University Announcement (English)(Chinese)
Internal Resources for Audit Preparation