Chapter Five

Conceptual Frame and Action Plan

5.2 Strategic Themes and Action Plans

5.2.5 Enhance Good Governance and the CityU Brand

Action Plans Strategic Areas
5.1 Strengthen institutional support to promote a healthy and productive campus with sound work-life balance and family-friendly policies.
Research and technology transfer
Faculty and staff recruitment, reward and retention
Campus planning and development
Branding, image and culture
5.2 Review, evaluate and expand our e-business work simplification initiatives to streamline operating procedures, facilitate tracking and coordination, improve effectiveness and efficiency and enhance job satisfaction.
5.3 Develop a proactive and well-coordinated strategy to systematically reach out to all areas of the campus to document, promote and appreciate the good work and outstanding contributions made by colleagues, students and alumni to realise University goals and to exemplify our core values.
5.4 Design effective internal communication cascades to ensure that important information related to the goals, rationales and directions of major University policies and developments are well communicated and understood by all relevant stakeholders of the University.
5.5 Strengthen our media relations, corporate branding strategies and local image to enhance public perception and community support for CityU.
5.6 Deepen engagement with our alumni and enhance institutional advancement strategies to promote our fundraising success.
5.7 Enhance institutional support for professional development opportunities.
5.8 Formulate a comprehensive costing model to facilitate financial analysis of major initiatives, projects, programmes and proposals of the University, particularly those which are resource-intensive, to ensure affordability, sustainability and demonstrable benefits and returns.
5.9 Grow our revenue from existing and alternative sources and increase our research income in order to sustain high quality research.
5.10 Revise and refine our budget model to build in appropriate incentives to reward initiatives by academic units and administrative offices to drive performance to contribute to University goals and priorities.
5.11 Develop an effective approach to risk and compliance throughout the organisation and continue to evolve our governance framework to reflect best practices.
5.12 Promote collaborations among facilities managers, administrators and academics to develop joint projects to enhance sustainability and student engagement to develop a model "green" campus that can be shared across Hong Kong and the region.
5.13 Clearly define and align roles and responsibilities for effective and efficient operations.
5.14 Strengthen the accountability of Heads, Line Managers and supervisors to responsibly exercise their authority to uphold high standards in faculty and staff recruitments and appraisals, as well as to ensure effective management, timely problem-solving, and teamwork with other units.
5.15 Engage in strategic human resources planning, including strengthening our succession planning, to ensure we will have the right human resources to support and lead CityU's development.